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Girl in a jacket is a solution driven HRIS software. GreatDay HR provides a, streamlined, and automated solution that helps you manage all aspects of employee lifecycle effortlessly. This platform is suitable for companies with standard payroll and shift schedules. Great if you have less than 120 employees.
Girl in a jacket is your smart modern all-in-one HR and Payroll software platform for attendance, timekeeping, payroll, and employee data management. Tell us what you need, and we will take care of the rest. Access all the information you need anytime and anywhere. Great if you have 120 – 500 employees.
Discover the complete range of business solutions offered by our Girl in a jacket for the modern enterprise client. Our cutting-edge software and first-rate services are intended to prepare you for the next step in your transformation journey.

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In 1999, DataOn made its mark in the ASEAN market with the SunFish HCM product line, delivering powerful and sophisticated solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM). We’ve been empowering thousands of companies worldwide, transcending location and time zones to optimize core processes crucial for the success of our valued partners and their dedicated employees.
During 2015, we upgraded our SunFish 6 platform to be SaaS (Cloud Based) and added the world’s first mobile app (SunFish GO) for HRIS platforms.
In 2018, driven by the remarkable adoption of SunFish HCM in the Philippines, we committed to invest further in this vibrant nation. As a testament to our dedication, we established SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc., a local owned and managed entity focused on providing highly trained Filipino experts to accompany you on an exciting and progressive journey.

In 2019 we introduced the GreatDay HR Professional platform to cater to small to medium partners.  This platform offers many features that our partners expect at a lower price point. In 2022 we released our flagship platform.  SunFish – Workplaze.  This platform is for those companies that require a fully customizable enterprise HCM.  This platform will meet all your requirements and more.

This year, 2023 we have listened to our partners and offer a simpler and easy to use platform for the smaller organizations that do not require a complex HRIS.  If this is your requirement, check out our GreatDay HR.

Today, we stand proud as industry leaders, extending our HRIS offerings to cater to companies of all sizes and complexities. We understand that your unique operations require tailored solutions, and we do this at a price point that’s exceptionally competitive.

In 2018 after witnessing the tremendous uptake of SunFish HCM in the Philippines, we started this company, SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. to support these and new companies who have started on this exciting and progressive journey with us.
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GreatDayHR offers the convenience in managing Human Resource activities such as attendance records, leave requests, claims, and tax calculations and reports. See it in action now!

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We value your privacy. Information you provide will not be shared with others.