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GreatDay HR: Activity Recording​

Monitor your employees’ activities and assess their performance by having a look at their activity records.

Activity Recording

Monitor your employees’ activities and assess their performance by having a look at their activity records. All your team needs to do is take a picture of what they are currently doing based on the tasks given, and our activity recording feature gives you real-time, accurate location data for proper verification.

Geo Tagging

All departments need accurate data for maximum business growth. To support this, we have armed activity logging with geotgagging and geolocation technology to ensure 100% accuracy of location data.

All the information you need to know about an employee’s job is at your fingertips, along with detailed descriptions and accompanying photos.

Real-Time Records

GreatDay HR allows employees to record their current activity in real time, with the activity recording feature. This greatly helps managers to oversee if all tasks are being performed by their team members.

This will allow you to spend more time growing your business without worrying too much about employee productivity.

Easily Adjustable with Shifts and Schedules

Especially useful and relevant for hybrid work arrangements, GreatDay HR lets you determine if an employee should record activities based on their designated shifts and schedules.

You can specify the number of daily activity records that work-from-home (WFH) staff should perform based on their role and position. Depending on the policy of the company, you can also appoint office-based staff to record their respective activities.

Complete Reports with Notes and Visuals

GreatDay HR allows employees to take photos as they complete their assigned tasks and provide detailed descriptions of what was accomplished.

The combination of all this information for recording employee activities gives managers a comprehensive view of what your employees were doing at any time of the day.

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