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GreatDay HR: Polling and Announcements

Make any company-wide announcement with a single click!

Announce the latest news or achievements, company-wide

Make any company-wide announcement with a single click! Easily notify every employee about your company’s latest accomplishments, information, and policies with GreatDay HR’s Announcement feature.

Polls and Surveys

GreatDay HR has a Polling and Survey feature which allows employees to solicit opinions and test employee reactions to upcoming changes in strategy, production planning, and new initiatives.

In addition to being able to test new ideas, your employees can reach an agreement and identify trouble areas that need more attention before launching new initiatives.

Directly Sent to All Employees

With GreatDay HR, any announcement you need to share will automatically be received immediately by all your employees without exception. No need to worry about someone missing anything. Easy!

Instant Notifications

Never miss a beat! Every announcement made by whomever in the company will go straight to every employees’ notifications.

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