Check In Anytime Anywhere

Recording attendance has never been easier! Attendance can be done anytime and anywhere, just take a selfie and check in. GreatDay provides detailed attendance information that will be directly linked with the payroll module seamlessly and all in one system.  This includes time and GPS map locations.

Exisiting Attendance Machines

GreatDayHr can work with many exisiting attendance machines.  So there is no need to purchase specialized Biometric machines with GreatDay Hr.

Other Recording Methods

You can also use an Android device to set up an attendance Kiosk to allow your employees to register their attendance.  This takes less then 1 -2 seconds per employee.

An employee can also use their desktop or laptop computer to record Time and Attendance.

Geo Tagging

GreatDayHR’s Geo Tagging (GPS) technology provides the Equipped with Geo tagging (GPS) technology and map locations attached with every attendance record sent, minimizing fraud that could occur in the recording process, GreatDay HR has you covered.

AI Facial Recognition

GreatDay HR can also be setup with with our “AI Face Recognition” technology which adds to the authenticity of employees recording their attendance.

This feature will inccur extra cost to the client if selected, due to the increased computing power required to run the AI engine.

Attendance List & Corrections

Easy access to attendance list data. If an employee needs to adjust or correct their attendance record, they can easily send the correction request. All requests will be sent via the approval flow set by the admin user.

Leave & Overtime Requests

GreatDay HR provides you with various kinds of leave and overtime settings that can be requested by your employees.

All requests that have been sent will go through the approval process based on the company’s organizational structure.

Management Team Attendance Reports

GreatDay provides a graphical report showing the team attendance on the HR Feed of authorized users in their GreatDay HR app.

Time Sheet

GreatDay HR timesheet is easy to use. You can make and send reports easily. Authorized users can also apply different hourly rates etc. The timesheet report is connected with the payroll module.

Thousands of Companies in Asia are now Using GreatDay HR

You can be one of these companies experiencing a digital HR transformation, using GreatDay HRIS!

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