The First Flexible Benefits Platform on Mobile

We believe that success in business happens because of successful employees. Our desire to increase the success of your company needs to start with the success of your employees. With the Benefit feature, employees may receive various benefits that promotes better Employer – Employee relations.

Flexible Benefits

GreatDay HR provides an employee dashboard which will show various benefits and or products available for each employee.

With a lump sum budget allocaed at the beginning of the year, employees can purchase the different benefit products, that the company wishes to promote.

These can be things like increased HMO cover, Loans, Vouchers, Company Goods etc. These benefits can be structured to different employee needs and wants.

Employees can View the Status

Employees can use their mobile GreatDay HR App to view the status of their personal Flexible Benefit Peso Balance and the selected Benefit allocation status.

This also shows the employee what the % allocation is to each type of benefit. This is decided by the company.

Employees can View the the available Benefits

This screen shows the range of benefits for employees to avail of.

These can be added to or subtracted from by the company.

How to avail of a benefit

An employee can use their mobile phone to avail of any benefit listed, as long as the ratio of income to benefit is correct.

They will be required to fill in certain personal information that will be used to valid and approve of the benefit being applied for.

They are also able to upgrade or downgrade things like their HMO if this is a benefit that is provided.

Confirmation of Benefit sort.

Once the selected benefits have been approved and sent successfully, the

employees will receive a confirmation email regarding the selected benefits.

GreatDay HR also has a GAMIFICATION module.

This Gamification allows employees to be rewarded with Stars-Points.

These points can be awarded for things like: Perfect Attendance, Early Arriver, Late Leaver, Going the Extra Mile, Completion of Set Tasks etc.

These points could then be made into Benefit Pesos at a ratio decided by the company.

Effortless HRIS and Payroll Management made possible with GreatDay HR.

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