GreatDay HR Billing: Fast and Accurate Invoice Calculation

GreatDay HR supports efficient and on-time payment, complete with all calculation components. Companies are assured of accurate and fast payment calculation process for outsourced employees straight from the app. Billing invoices has never been this easy!

Flexible Payment Components

GreatDay HR allows you to customize payment components for every outsourced employee. Administrators can easily add and customize payment items to make it easier for all parties to accomplish the work from beginning until completion.

Outsourcing Management Portal Integration

GreatDay HR’s Billing feature automatically connects to the Outsourcing Management Portal for more streamlined payment disbursements. Companies can easily customize invoice and payment components and will be updated automatically in the portal.

Timely Payment Notifications

GreatDay HR can truly be an HR buddy! The Billing feature allows outsourced employees to immediately receive payment notifications from the app giving them all smiles at the end of a tiring workday!

Complete with Activity Recording Data

GreatDay HR supports transparency across your business. Outsourcing officers and management are a big part of this in the Billing feature as GreatDay HR will provide a list of activity records as supporting information for proof of payments.

Effortless HRIS and Payroll Management made possible with GreatDay HR.

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