5 HRIS Myths to Debunk

Debunked Myths

Every department in the organization has its set of misconceptions. This time, the focus will be on the human resources (HR) department. 

The HR department is often perceived as the “people management department”. This entails hiring and letting go of employees, initiating company events, and promoting company culture. Other misconceptions about the department include:

They just deal with employee documents and paperwork, period. 

Traditionally, the HR department deals with compiling and updating employee documents, ensuring the company’s compliance with government mandatories, and managing employee attendance and payroll. While a number of companies, particularly micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), still do manual documentation, the demand for payroll software has increased due to the hybrid work setup that is now the norm. 

And with the rise of HRIS software in the Philippines, employers can now give employees the freedom and capacity to upload and update their documents by themselves. 

The HR department exists for compliance.

It’s a fact that compliance is one of the HR department’s basic functions. Whether external compliance or internal compliance with the company rules, it is up to the department to ensure that the company and the employees understand and follow them. However, the department does not exist to ensure that the workforce simply complies. Employee feedback is crucial, particularly for these compliances.  Through this, the HR team and management can enforce policy changes that benefit the entire workforce.

The HR team does not understand business.

This myth stems from the notion that the HR department is just the “people department”. In the traditional sense, the department is seen as the one managing that the company has enough employees to function. 

Nowadays, the department plays a strategic part in the company’s overall employee acquisition, development, and retention. 

The HR works with management in providing forward-looking solutions that future-proof the business. Through various programs and policies, the team ensures that the right people are hired and that the company supports their professional and personal growth throughout their tenure. 

Fortunately for the HR team, various software programs are now available to help them adapt and thrive in the evolving workplace. A full-suite HRIS and payroll software will help the HR department focus on their tasks and perform better. 

And with every new technology, there are bound to be misconceptions about them. Here are some on HRIS and payroll software. 

1. Using HRIS software requires you to be an expert

Back then, hearing the word “software” connotes complexity requiring a professional to discuss it. These days, with the ongoing digitalization of actions and processes, a software is part of a person’s everyday life. However, when a person encounters new software, there is a learning curve to it. 

That is the same case with incorporating software into the company’s day-to-day activities. Any team needs to learn the software before they can successfully integrate it into their processes. However, the employee does not have to be a computer expert to utilize these. Employees can learn through exposure or when the software provider’s expert holds training about it. Fortunately, full-suite HRIS software like GreatDay HR  has HRIS experts on call to explain the system to clients. They provide a free walkthrough before interested companies subscribe. This way, the organization will know if the software is worth their investment.

2. HRIS software means job retrenchment for the HR department

The idea that automation means fewer jobs for people still exists today. This is no longer the case. With the use of payroll and HRIS software, the HR department can now focus on creating employee-focused programs and policies. They no longer have to devote a significant amount of time to updating employee information, monitoring employee attendance, and disbursing payroll. All these can be done with the software.

3. Using HRIS software means data privacy risks

The age-old thinking on software entails that when things are “in the cloud”, data is accessible to hackers and scammers. They can infiltrate the company’s database and steal the data with the right set of tools and skills. While the risks remain, investing in quality software that strictly complies with data privacy policies and laws is a must. 

Data privacy is of utmost importance to GreatDay HR. Apart from compliance with data privacy and security laws, the software provider is also ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management and ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management certified. 

4. Using HRIS software complicates the onboarding process

Companies that have long been used to the manual way of hiring and onboarding employees deem utilizing HRIS software as complicated. They see it as unnecessary particularly when they have been used to the manual way of doing their job. However, with the hybrid work setup that most companies now implement in the country, it is time to explore ways to optimize how work is done. 

And contrary to popular belief, using HRIS software actually makes the overall workload easier. With the help of HRIS and payroll software, there are lesser errors too. This ensures that employees receive the right compensation and they themselves can check and update their documents through the platform. 

HRIS software does not allow configurations

There is the notion that once a software has been implemented, it can no longer be configured. The same misconception also applies to HRIS software. Once the company has decided on the HRIS software they will use, the software leaves no room for configuration. This entails having a one-size-fits-all software that any company can use.

This depends on the HRIS software provider that the company is doing business with. For instance, GreatDay HR values client satisfaction. The GreatDay team works with the company to provide the best features tailor-fit to their business. 

Digitalization in the workplace is the future – and sooner, software that boosts employee productivity will be the norm. That is why utilizing an HRIS and payroll software like GreatDay HR is the first step toward embracing technology-driven productivity. And with the misconceptions addressed in the article, the company is one step closer to improving its ways of working today and in the future. 

GreatDay HR is one of the platforms offered by SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. (SDP), the leading provider of cutting-edge Human Resources technology solutions used by thousands of companies in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. Together with its sister companies, Humanica Thailand and DataOn Indonesia, SDP creates HRIS and Payroll Solutions for employee empowerment across the board. With its 80+ staff and growing in the Philippines, SDP offers a comprehensive and smooth support service to all its valued clients.

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