5 Ways Employees Experience a Boost in Work Productivity After Rest and Relaxation

Contrary to popular belief, rest is actually a productive act. When an employee takes time off from work, like taking coffee or tea breaks or taking paid time off, employees come back to their tasks with renewed energy. 

According to the book Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, the human brain is still active in creating solutions, finding new information, and getting creative even when it is not focusing on solving a particular challenge (like what employees usually do while working). 

Walking to the convenience store for snacks or enjoying a trip to the beach are avenues where employees recharge their minds with new possibilities and creative output – work-wise and life-wise. 

For filing leaves, keeping track of paid time off allocations, or updating the team when an employee goes for a short break, a full-suite HRIS software is of absolute help. 

Back then, employees had to write their leaves, submit them to their immediate supervisor for approval, then submit the approved leave forms to the HR department. This process takes time and, in some cases, the forms get lost in the process, particularly for companies with more than 50 employees in their workforce. 

With HRIS software like GreatDay HR, filing a leave is simple and easy. 

It is worth mentioning that GreatDay HR offers the best payroll services in the Philippines. One of the platform’s core features is its Leaves and Overtime requests management. GreatDayHR optimized its platform to enable employees to digitally log their attendance and file for overtime or vacation leaves. The platform empowers employees to be responsible with their attendance and overtime or vacation leaves filing by providing readily available templates to them. 

Once the employee has their filed leave approved by their immediate supervisor, the platform will immediately notify the HR department of it. This definitely lessens the chances of leaves getting lost or forgotten within the company. The calendar also reflects those who filed their leaves, enabling the personnel to plan their turnovers or submit their deliverables ahead of their filed leave. 

Making the leave filing easier and more efficient through digitalization is a great step any company can do for its employees. Apart from empowering them to be accountable for their attendance and filings, it also communicates to employees that they can take time off from their work to focus and recharge themselves. 

And when they do recharge, here are some ways employees experience a boost in work productivity after their break. 

Rest reduces burnout

Burnout is often discussed in HR – employee seminars and webinars more so during the pandemic. This discussion is important not only to prevent employees from suffering it but also to reduce employee resignations within the organization. 

But what is burnout? 

Work burnout is the employee’s experienced mental, physical, and psychological exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. This exhaustion can be caused by several factors within and outside the company. While the company can manage the internal stressors by providing incentives or optimizing operations, external factors are harder to control. 

In times when employees feel burnout, it is best to advise them to take a break from work. Some MSMEs encourage their employees to take leaves. This break away from work enables employees to overcome the fatigue caused by overworking. 

Another way to reduce burnout is to enable employees to work from anywhere. Whether it’s by the beach, in their homes, or in other countries, allowing them to work while in these places lessens the feeling of constraint they feel if they are in the office all week. Fortunately, GreatDay enables remote attendance monitoring through its web and mobile application. Employees can log in, do non-work related activities, then jump back in without leaving the comfort of their location. 

Rest re-centers your objectives of working for the company

Employees have set expectations and objectives before they were hired by the company. While others continue to have this passion for their work, others forget it due to the everyday stress and constant churning for ideas to meet the company’s daily objectives. 

Rest helps employees recall their objectives of working in the company in the first place. 

Taking work vacations enables the personnel to think of their purpose in the company. Oftentimes, they also remember their motivations for applying for the role in the first place. Taking a break enables them to re-center their objectives or even redefine their purpose as part of the company’s workforce. 

Breaks enable employees to reflect on their growth too, whether it is with their current company or with another company that can help them achieve their objectives.   

Rested employees are more collaborative

As was previously mentioned, rest enables the employee to explore creative pursuits outside their work or even create solutions to their current work challenges. Once these ideas have been set or recorded, they can share it with the team to realize and develop actions based on these ideas.


With GreatDay HR, collaboration is possible wherever the workforce is across the world. The platform has a GreatDay Meet feature where employees can jump in to brainstorm with their fellow employees or their managers. They can set a meeting time, and employees will be able to collaborate through video calls. Talk about being productive and working as a team!

Rest enables employees to set work-life boundaries

Today’s generation of employees find fulfillment in their work by creating work-life balance. In fact, they work longer for companies that promote this. Fortunately, MSMEs can offer work-life balance by enabling their workforce to work wherever and whenever (depending on the company policies) by utilizing GreatDay HR. 

GreatDay HR offers various features that can promote work-life balance. Depending on the company’s work style, employees can set flexible work hours through the Shift and Scheduling feature. This enables employees to work in their own time, thus enabling them to be productive during their peak times and take rest before, in between, or after their work hours. 

Break from routine to gain inspiration

Constantly facing the computer, apart from causing computer fatigue, also results in information overload or information fatigue. Frequently, employees focus on their work, browse the internet, or meet with their colleagues for the whole span of the day. This routine gets tiring, particularly when done regularly. A vacation can relieve this fatigue from the routine. 

Apart from exploring new sights and experiences, taking a vacation also enables employees to take a step back and explore. These explorations can inspire new ideas that they can apply in their personal or professional lives. Rest enables employees to gain new experiences, and in these experiences, they can learn a thing or two that can be beneficial to them or their team. 

Rest is not a lazy act. It is the body’s way of saying that a breather is needed. Creating a culture where employees can take the breaks and vacations they deserve not only assures work productivity but also employee longevity. And with a full-suite HRIS and payroll software like GreatDay HR, the opportunity to recharge just got easier. 

Thinking of investing in HRIS software? Here are reasons why you should. 

GreatDay HR is one of the platforms offered by SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. (SDP), the leading provider of cutting-edge Human Resources technology solutions used by thousands of companies in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. Together, with its sister companies, Humanica Thailand and DataOn Indonesia, SDP creates HRIS and Payroll Solutions for employee empowerment across the board. With its 80+ staff and growing in the Philippines, SDP offers a comprehensive and smooth support service to all its valued clients.

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