How to Calculate Your PhilHealth Contribution in 2024

Understanding how to calculate your PhilHealth contribution is crucial for all employees and employers in the Philippines. This guide breaks down the process, ensuring you can accurately determine your contributions.

Overview of PhilHealth Contributions

PhilHealth, or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, provides health insurance coverage to Filipinos. Contributions are mandatory for both employees and employers, ensuring access to healthcare services.

Contribution Rates for 2024

The contribution rates for PhilHealth in 2024 have been adjusted. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Monthly Salary Bracket: The contribution rate is 4.5% of the employee’s basic monthly salary.
  • Employee and Employer Share: The contribution is shared equally between the employee and the employer, each paying 2.25%.

Calculating Employee Contribution

To calculate your PhilHealth contribution, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the Monthly Salary: Identify the employee’s basic monthly salary.
  2. Apply the Contribution Rate: Multiply the salary by 4.5%.
  3. Divide the Result: Split the resulting amount equally between the employee and employer.

Example Calculation

Consider an employee with a monthly salary of PHP 30,000:

  1. Monthly Salary: PHP 30,000
  2. Contribution Rate: 4.5%
  3. Total Monthly Contribution: PHP 30,000 x 0.045 = PHP 1,350
  4. Employee Share: PHP 1,350 / 2 = PHP 675
  5. Employer Share: PHP 675

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Self-Employed and Voluntary Members

Self-employed individuals and voluntary members also need to contribute to PhilHealth. They follow the same contribution rate of 4.5% but pay the entire amount themselves.

Payment Schedule

PhilHealth contributions are typically remitted monthly. Employers are responsible for deducting the employee’s share from their salary and combining it with their share before remitting to PhilHealth.

Importance of Timely Contributions

Timely contributions ensure continuous PhilHealth coverage, giving members access to healthcare benefits when needed. Late or missed payments can result in penalties and gaps in coverage.


Accurately calculating and remitting your PhilHealth contributions is essential for maintaining your health insurance coverage. By understanding the contribution rates and following the outlined steps, both employees and employers can ensure compliance and secure their access to healthcare services.

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