HRIS & Payroll 101: What is Multi-Company Support?

multicompany support

Investing in various assets enables an organization to remain competitive and relevant in its industry. People, equipment, and technology are the usual assets that companies invest in to ensure business continuity. Acquiring these, however, needs strategic thinking. Acquiring assets is not just about having the most; it’s about finding the ones that will impact the business most. 

In this age, technology propels the business. A business that integrates and operates using technology will benefit from it in the long run. Technology allows the company to be more efficient as it optimizes operations. Training and software support are also essential so employees know how to operate the acquired technology. 

Of all the technology-related innovations that drive change, one that should be immediately implemented is payroll and HRIS software. This software digitalizes HR processes such as employee data collection and management, payroll services, and employee engagement. The digitalization of these processes is essential as the world is more open to either a remote work setup or, in the case of Philippines-based organizations, a hybrid work setup. Employees now have the work-from-home or work-from-anywhere setup to consider. To adapt to this development, having the necessary work tools and online software is crucial. 

There is a variety of HRIS software in the Philippines. It’s all a matter of finding the best fit for the organization. A full-suite HRIS software can provide basic and premium subscriptions depending on the company structure and size. Fortunately, SunFish DataOn, one of the well-known HRIS software globally, has its local counterpart, GreatDay HR, available for businesses in the Philippines. 

GreatDay offers two subscriptions based on the company’s requirements: GreatDay HR and GreatDay Professional (GreatDay Pro). Both offer micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), corporations, and conglomerates mobile and web-based platforms with customer support and software updates. 

So, what is the difference between the two? 

One of the main differences between GreatDay HR and GreatDay Professional is the latter’s capacity to enroll an unlimited number of employees. This is particularly helpful for conglomerates and corporations with subsidiaries. This multi-company support enables the corporation’s employees across their business to use the platform’s features, engage with other teams from the different subsidiaries, and create company-wide announcements employees can access whenever and wherever. 

Multi-company support in HRIS software is a function where corporations with multiple subsidiaries can organize their employee database under one platform. For this instance, that platform is GreatDay Pro. This is particularly helpful for corporations that have one unifying HR department for all their subsidiaries. The HRIS platform makes it easier to monitor everyone’s attendance and conduct payroll services uniformly throughout the entire organization. 

This multi-company support is of great value to the corporation and its employees. Here are some reasons why. 

Easier payroll management and disbursement

Usually, companies look for the best payroll services in the Philippines for their use.  With GreatDay Pro’s multi-company feature, payroll management and disbursement will be a breeze. 

GreatDay Pro, similar to GreatDay HR, has adopted the Philippine calendar and its special and non-working holidays. The multi-company feature enables the company to have a standardized calendar that the workforce can take note of. This makes it easier for the HR team to schedule payroll disbursement while observing the holidays. This also helps take note of those employees across the corporation who worked during the holidays. 

It is also easier for the department to immediately view the workforce’s attendance without leaving the platform. This enables the department and the workforce to have a seamless process from attendance management to payroll disbursement. 

Improves customer service

Another benefit of the multi-company feature is the ease of providing customer service to all users of the HRIS software. Because the employee and company information are under one platform, it is easier to provide feedback if there is any missing company or employee information. 

It is also easier to provide assistance to employees who are having a difficult time navigating the platform. They can just directly approach HR or GreatDay Pro’s tech support through the platform for their concerns. 

Reduces operational costs

Before, a corporation and its subsidiaries had to create HR departments of varying sizes depending on the population per subsidiary. With HRIS software that has a multi-company support feature, corporations now have the option to centralize their HR department to handle employees across subsidiaries. This can result in the HR department’s growth by hiring people to handle the subsidiaries yet remain under one HR team. This enables the department to keep a close eye on its HR personnel and provide them with a uniform training and development program so that everyone in the HR team can receive the same training and opportunities. 

Business-wise, a multi-company support feature reduces operational costs by allowing the corporation to grow its HR department without creating additional HR teams across its subsidiaries. It also establishes familiarity and professionalism between the HR team and the workforce, as employees will know whom to talk to about their questions or concerns related to employee life. 

Improves productivity

Similar to GreatDay HR, GreatDay Pro also promotes productivity in the workplace. The GreatDay Pro version streamlines HR processes, thereby allowing the team to create and execute employee engagement projects. It also enables the team to focus on their tasks rather than manually monitoring or updating the attendance, receiving company notifications, and filing for leaves or loan applications. All these and more can be done by the platform, GreatDay Pro. 

When looking for the best HRIS software in the Philippines, it’s best to consider one that has a multi-company support feature, particularly if the company has multiple subsidiaries. The benefits they can get from one that has this feature are limitless. And, for the small implementation cost, having one from a multi-feature HRIS software like GreatDay Pro is a worthwhile investment. 

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