HRIS & Payroll 101: Data Management and Shareability

Big data allows businesses to thrive in offline and digital spaces. Strategies are created by analyzing consumer behavior, interactions, and decisions. In doing so, companies can improve their products and services to better cater to customers. 

Yet, there’s another form of data that can drive business growth: employee data. 

Employee data, in its basic form, is the common information the human resource (HR) department requires from new employees. This includes their name, age, address, and other relevant information such as their tax identification number and government IDs. 

With HRIS and payroll software, employee data can be more comprehensive. 

Collecting employee information with HRIS

Apart from the basic employee information, a full-suite HRIS and payroll software like GreatDay Professional gathers other employee information based on their activity on the platform. 

The best thing about getting the Pro version of the HRIS software is that it does not have a limit on how many employees you can enroll in the system. Utilizing the employee data made readily available benefits for both employees and the company as a whole.

Employee attendance data

Monitoring employee attendance is not only for ensuring timely and accurate payroll. It also enables the organization to gain insight into better employee management. 

Employee attendance tells organizations the absenteeism rate, employee turnover rate, and the employee workload vis-à-vis the employee population. Using HRIS to monitor employee attendance makes it easier for the HR department to generate reports and analyze the employee’s willingness to stay with the company. Then, they can create programs that will address employee burnout, low morale, and a high turnover rate.


Analyzing employees’ required hours versus logged hours also says a lot about company culture. It’s time to review company policies and their daily objectives when employees are doing more overtime work. Fortunately, GreatDay Professional provides Activity Recording so on-site and remote employees can record their daily tasks and management can review them.

Performance management data

Employee data also involves employee performance. The employee evaluation and performance improvement plans are the usual documents and data generated every time an employee performance review is conducted. These files document the employee’s performance over time, strengths, areas to improve on, and if the employee is achieving their goals as an employee and as an individual.

Setting a one-on-one performance review is easy through GreatDay’s Performance Management. The performance improvement plan is accessible too, via the employee’s profile dashboard. This enables the involved departments and employees to have easy access to these files so they can review them as needed. 

Employee engagement activities data

As companies in the Philippines begin to transition to a hybrid work setup, creating employee engagement activities that cater to both on-site and online employees is crucial to developing a more proactive workforce. 

The first step is to review previous activities conducted by the company and which ones worked for the employees. This is easy to do if the company has HRIS software that stores records of these activities. Next is to review the number of on-site and online employees the company has. It enables the company to create activities that will cater to both without compromising on one. 

Once an employee engagement plan is created, executing it on a platform that’s accessible to all is the next step. GreatDay Professional provides this with its in-app virtual meeting feature. 

On a daily basis, GreatDay Professional provides a social feed where employees can share announcements, thought pieces, or anecdotes with the whole company. There is also the company mood. This feature can give the HR department insights into whether the majority of the workforce is feeling demotivated or tired. 

In addition, the HRIS software also provides easy access to the company’s policies. Employees can readily download and review them at their own pace. 

Benefits of accessible employee data

It is easy to create company growth strategies when employee data is easily generated and accessible. Employee attendance, performance reviews, and other employee engagement activities provide a better picture of the company’s workforce. In turn, management can craft engagement plans to strengthen employee relations and enable them to grow in the organization. 

Some benefits of accessible employee data include:

Effective onboarding

Employee data tell the HR department which platforms, schedules, and skills training employees are more responsive to. By utilizing employee data, the HR department can optimize the modes of communication and activities that the HR department can utilize while onboarding and engaging with employees. 

Using HRIS software that has all these features benefits both the employee and HR. It enables them to access everything without leaving the platform.

Better employee incentives 

Employee data also tell which incentives can attract and retain talents. By looking at the suggestions from resigned and current employees, the HR department can suggest and improve their employee incentive plan. 

A cloud-based HRIS enables the HR team to access current and previous employees’ data, including their suggestions and areas for improvement for the company. The team and the organization can review these to implement an incentive program that benefits everyone. 

Succession planning

Attracting new employees is good; retaining performing employees is better. Creating a growth plan for performing and long-term employees should be one of HR’s priorities. This would motivate them to continue their growth with the company and stay with it for a long time. 

Creating a space where employees can talk and engage with management and the HR department is crucial to creating an employee growth strategy within the company. Utilizing HRIS software that allows one-on-one meetings, access to performance improvement plans, and engagement programs enables them to access growth opportunities whenever and wherever. 

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security are crucial when it comes to employee information. Even before digitalization, ensuring that employee information is safe and secure establishes trust between the employee and the organization. With a full-suite HRIS and payroll software, employee data is better secured from misuse or physical damage. 

However, other threats come into play when utilizing software for the organization’s employee management needs. Ensure that your chosen HRIS software complies with the data privacy and security laws, along with certifications on its data privacy measures. 

Fortunately, GreatDay Professional is ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management and ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management certified. This means that the platform is secured by comprehensive firewalls and load balancers, has intrusion protection and monitoring services, and undergoes extensive hardening as well as third-party penetration testing. The platform also complies with the Republic Act 10173: Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012. These are discussed further in  GreatDay Pro’s Privacy Policy.

When the organization is selecting HRIS software, choose one that has everything the company needs and upholds data security and privacy. For a minimum implementation amount, get one that has all these and allows the organization to enroll multiple employees across subsidiaries. Choose the best HRIS and payroll software in the Philippines; choose GreatDay Professional.  

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