Time Saving Benefits HRIS and Payroll Software Provide

Time is one of the most valuable yet overlooked resources for any organization. 

When businesses focus on optimizing production timelines in various departments like production, distribution, and marketing, they sometimes overlook the departments that can use automation and digitalization. 

One department that can benefit from time-saving practices and products is the organization’s human resources (HR) department. Companies categorized as micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can take advantage of the time-saving benefits provided by HRIS and payroll software. 

Fortunately for the Philippine MSME market, a full-suite HRIS and payroll software is available: GreatDay HR.

The core features of GreatDay HR are the following:

  • Company and employee administration, 
  • Attendance and timekeeping, 
  • Leaves and overtime filing, and
  • Payroll and e-payslip management 

Back then, the company’s HR team performed all these tasks manually by keeping physical records, calculating by pen and paper, or recently, through countless Excel files. With GreatDay HR, the team simply has to input the data on the platform and the platform will calculate benefits and deductions from the employee payroll while enabling employee accountability and proactiveness (more on this throughout the article). By utilizing HRIS software, the HR department has saved time and can now focus on building engagement and growing the team’s capacity through learning and development. 

Here are additional time-saving benefits that the team enjoys by investing in HRIS. 

Proactive employee attendance

Before technology, corporations of all sizes used Bundy clocks for employees to track their daily attendance. These days, MSMEs, even corporations, use biometric Bundy clocks more than those that use punch cards. While a biometric Bundy clock is a step toward digitalization, there are now more ways to log in and out of work. 

HRIS platforms provide ways to track employee attendance, whether they are in the office or anywhere they do their work. GreatDay HR, for instance, enables MSMEs to track their employee’s attendance through various methods. 

One way is through GreatDay HR’s kiosk. GreatDay HR offered this kiosk to address contactless attendance login to avoid the transmission of viruses. GreatDay HR also has a mobile and web application. These have a geolocating and photo attendance feature that enables employees to log their attendance even when they are not on-site. Employees simply log in to their account, enter their time in and time out, and voila! They can even do this should internet issues arise. They just need to log in to their attendance and once their internet connection is restored or stabilized, the app readily updates to reflect the employee’s attendance. 

What’s also worth mentioning is how the platform stores all this on its servers. Employees and the HR department need not worry about the memory capacity on their computer systems or mobile phones.

Faster recruitment process

Let’s face it. The hiring process takes time and we’ve experienced that when we applied for work. On the other end, recruiters also experience delays in recruitment. Manually reviewing resumes, scheduling applicant calls, and even setting management-applicant interviews take considerable time and effort for the recruiter. The first step alone takes so much time that the HR department has little time to perform its other functions. 

A faster hiring process benefits both the company and the potential employee. And with HRIS with a payroll software like GreatDay HR, recruitment is easier and faster. Recruiters can do most of their recruitment within the platform – from job postings to scheduling interviews. The department can also readily see the candidate’s information on the platform.

Applying under one platform is also a win for applicants. They no longer have to go to multiple sites to check their employment status. They are also notified in real-time regarding their application. 

Accurate payroll calculations

Payroll calculations and disbursement are also time-consuming activities for HR. By using HRIS with a payroll system, the team can halve its time spent on payroll and disbursement. 

The payroll system uses the data from employee attendance to accurately and automatically calculate employee salaries for the cutoff. For GreatDay HR, another key feature of the platform’s payroll system is that it is configured to deduct Philippines-specific government benefits and considers the local holidays. 

Employee self-service promoted

The amount of employee freedom does not stop with enabling employees to personally log their attendance. HRIS also enables employees to file their own leaves, update their employee information, and file for claims and disbursements. 

Apart from employee accountability, this enables the HR team to review their claims before approving them or directing them to the employee’s immediate manager. 

Another benefit of the HRIS that will soon be available to clients is the Early Wage access. This feature allows the employee to request a salary advance for anything urgent. This is good as they no longer have to request from other lenders; they can do it all in one platform. Currently, the Early Wage access feature is being developed to match the Philippines’ requirements.

Employee engagement whenever, wherever

The HRIS software provides additional benefits to the team apart from its time-saving advantages. For instance, it helps with team engagement whenever and wherever. 

GreatDay HR has various employee engagement features to create a collaborative environment whether the employees are in the office or wherever they are across the globe.

One feature is the platform’s GreatDay Meet where employees can communicate with each other through video calls. It is easy to schedule a GreatDay Meet with employees via web or mobile. The video calls are locally hosted within the platform and are password-protected to ensure the security and privacy of the calls. 

Reviewing employee performance is crucial to provide employees with a plan for their professional growth. GreatDay HR integrated employee performance management into its platform for easier access and review from both parties. The platform’s performance management enables the team to set and monitor KPIs and provide performance reviews all in one platform. 

In relation to this, employees can also customize their daily updates. GreatDay HR enables photo and video uploading so that employees can show the tasks they are working on. This works well with the employee’s attendance and KPI tracking, particularly for those that need to record their daily productivity. 

HRIS and payroll systems streamline the HR department’s various functions, making it easier and accessible across the organization. With a full-suite HRIS like GreatDay HR, MSMEs are able to be more productive with the time they’ve saved from the manual tasks now made digital. 

Ready to enjoy time-saving features with HRIS? Here are tips on choosing the best HRIS software for your company.

GreatDay HR is one of the platforms offered by SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. (SDP), the leading provider of cutting-edge Human Resources technology solutions used by thousands of companies in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. Together with its sister companies, Humanica Thailand and DataOn Indonesia, SDP creates HRIS and Payroll Solutions for employee empowerment across the board. With its 80+ staff and growing in the Philippines, SDP offers a comprehensive and smooth support service to all its valued clients.

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