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GreatDay HR Pro: Communication Features

Communication is king! Promote effective communication habits among your employees with GreatDay HR

Communication is matter

Communication is Important!

As an HR manager or company decision-maker, you definitely want to have your employees working as a team.

Good teamwork stems from good communication among team members.

GreatDay HR provides several facilities that allow employees in your company to harbor good and efficient communication with each other and the management.

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Chat with Fellow Employees

GreatDay HR is equipped with chat features that make it easier for fellow employees to communicate about work-related matters.

This chat feature also contains a file-sharing menu that allows employees to share files with each other.

GreatDay HR’s Chat function is fully encrypted, secure, safe, and suitable for all users within the company.

Post Something Great Today!

Every status of your employees can be seen via the social feed. You can easily know what your colleagues are going through or feeling. They can also post some fun facts, inspirational content, and personal or team achievements!

All posts can be seen by all employees. Other employees are also able to give likes and also leave their comments on the posts by their colleagues in the feed. 

Feeling extra creative? Photos may also be included in the post itself! 

Polls and Surveys

GreatDay HR also has a Polling & Survey feature. This feature is very popular with HR teams in terms of getting the pulse of their employees through surveys.

HR managers can send polls about certain company activities, employee engagement events, and much more.

Employees can also easily give their opinions and sentiments through these surveys, which can improve the overall performance of HR because it allows them to make smarter and faster decisions.

Send Company Announcements via Phone Notifications

Your Payroll cycle can be fully customized based on different industries.
It can be rolled out via weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payment cycles. Once this is ready, employees get notified and they can view it immediately.

Employees can also receive notifications in real-time from the company about company news or in any update of your company’s policies.

The ease of receiving information via mobile phone creates a smooth and seamless communication experience between the company and the employees that did not exist before!

Announcements can also be set to require an “acceptance” when read. This ensures that your employees get to actually read and understand all the information you provide.

Secure File Sharing

To facilitate more efficient communication, GreatDay HR also provides a File Sharing feature that makes it easy for your employees to share files with each other within the company.

Files are transferred within a fully encrypted connection to give you peace of mind that your files are safe and will not be leaked to unauthorized parties.

Communication sharing file

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