Communication is Important!

As a company, you definitely want to have your employees working as a team.

Good teamwork is created from good communication with team members and all employees.

GreatDay HR provides a facility that allows employees in your company to have good communication with each other and the management.

Chat with Fellow Employees

GreatDay HR is equipped with chat features that make it easier for fellow employees to communicate about work related matters.
This chat feature also contains a file sharing menu that allows employees to share files with each other.
GreatDay Chat function is encrypted, secure and safe and suitable for all users in the company use.

Post Something Great Today!

GreatDay HR provides internal social media between employees. In addition to being able to post general items, they can post their achievements of what they are doing today, employees can also give likes or comments to others posts.

Polling for Company Surveys

Introducing you to the Polling feature. This feature is very popular with HR teams for employee surveys. HR people can send polls about company activities or other things that related to the company.

Employees can easily give their opinions and wishes, which can improve the performance of HR and allow for smarter, faster decisions in their companies.

Send Company Announcements via Phone Notifications

Your Payroll cycle can be fully customized based on different industries.
It can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment cycles or a

Employees can receive notifications in real time from the company about company’news or any update of company’s policies.
The ease of receiving information via mobile phone, creates smooth communication between company and employee that did not exist before!

As annoucements can be set to require an “acceptance” as read, there are no excuses that I did not receive that item anymore.

Sharing Files

We are happy to handle your payroll for you.
To facilitate communication, we provide a File Sharing feature that makes it easy for users to share files with each other within the company.

Thousands of Companies in Asia are now Using GreatDay HR

You can be one of these companies experiencing a digital HR transformation, using GreatDay HRIS!

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