Early Wage Access is Here!

Better financial Planning for your employees

Create a productive and healthy working environment  by enabling employees’ early access to their earnings!

Introducing: GreatDay HR Early Wage Access

Get an advance on your salary with the GreatDay HR app! Each fund withdrawal is automatically linked to the payroll system and will be auto-deducted on the next payroll run. No hassle!

The management of the company, especially the finance department, no longer requires complex management when doing cash advance transactions.

The company cash flow is not affected as this is funded by GreatDay.

Employees can also see the automatically-calculated monthly limit instantly. 

Funds can also be directly disbursed and transferred at the same time. The amount that an employee can draw is governed by the company’s policies.

This sought for service is provided solely by GreatDay HR. This is and will never be outsourced to an external company making the process quicker and more reliable than ever giving you full assurance of safe and secure transactions and no Data Privacy concerns.

Real-Time Transfers

With GreatDay HR’s Cash Advance feature, employees can receive fund withdrawals quickly and in real-time. Meeting your employees’ life necessities or providing assistance for sudden needs will no longer be a problem for your company.

Remaining Balance and Usage History

Cash Advance also provides a withdrawal history and a limit on the amount of funds that can be withdrawn each month to assist employees in managing their finances better.

Fast and Easy Payroll Withdrawal

Receive emergency funds quickly and securely through the Cash Advance feature. This is particularly helpful for employees who may face urgent needs that require additional funding.

Withdrawing funds outside of the payroll season with Cash Advance will also guide in keeping your employees’ financial well-being safe and sound.

Automatic Withdrawal Limit

The amount that employees can withdraw depends on their salary and the maximum percentage that they can get from it. This is set by the employees company.

Employees can also see the automatically-calculated monthly limit instantly. Funds can also be directly disbursed and transferred at the same time.

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