Hassle-free Management of Human Resources

With GreatDay HR’s HRIS and Payroll Software, make your HR processes work for you so you can devote more time to growing your business

Attendance Management

Record your attendance times on the go to increase your company’s workflow efficiency and productivity.

Leave Management

Simplifies the process of managing leave-related concerns from leave balance, leave request, up until leave approval.

Payroll Calculations

Provides convenience in payroll management with a high degree of accuracy and time-saving precision. Goodbye paper and Excel sheets!

Claim & Loan Management

The complicated process of requesting for claim and loan becomes much simpler and more practical with GreatDay HR.

Tax Calculations

With GreatDay HR, tax calculations have never been more accurate. Includes Alphalist, Instant Annualization, and BIR 2316 form generation.

Organizational Structure

View your company’s organizational hierarchy to facilitate efficient workflow and to identify employees in each position for better coordination.

Shift Scheduling

Make your daily activities well-organized with shift scheduling and shift pattern settings and other comprehensive calendar management options.

Report Generation

Extremely secure and easy to access HR data are available for download in usable formats in real-time as HR Admin.

Chat & Communications

GreatDay HR has a built-in chat feature that enables users to interact with their colleagues in their organization.

Employee Approvals

Approvals for leaves, claims, loans, and others are able to be performed anywhere at any time with just a single tap.

Personal Information

Displays employees’ complete and up-to-date employment data and other relevant information.

Encrypted File Sharing

Share files and documents digitally via an encrypted gateway where data security is guaranteed.

Effortless HRIS and Payroll Management made possible with GreatDay HR.

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