GreatDay HR Features​

The most comprehensive HRIS and Payroll system designed for Philippine businesses

Say goodbye to tedious, manual processes with GreatDay HR.
We are the Philippines’ #1 HRIS and Payroll Provider.

Speed and accuracy are both critical for businesses to compete in this day and age of digitalization. GreatDay HR’s secure cloud-based HR solution can help you complete and automate routine administrative processes, from attendance and timekeeping to payroll disbursements.

GreatDay HR: Integrated HRIS and Payroll Solutions

Engage employees like never before! GreatDay HR provides comprehensive features to facilitate communication and encourage interaction between employees and employers, helping to create an open and collaborative working environment to maximize productivity.
Keep one eye on your employees while using the other to grow your business with our nextgeneration, state-of-the-art Attendance Recording System. Its full integration with the Payroll Module promises accurate data when it comes to computations normally done manually. Not anymore with GreatDay HR.
Payroll runs need not be stressful anymore. With GreatDay HR, run your payroll much more quickly and accurately with attendance system integration. This is all fully automatic! Stress less, achieve more.

Hassle-free Management of Human Resources

With GreatDay HR’s HRIS and Payroll Software, make your HR processes work for you so you can devote more time to growing your business

Record your attendance times on the go to increase your company’s workflow efficiency and productivity.

Simplifies the process of managing leave-related concerns from leave balance, leave request, up until leave approval.

Provides convenience in payroll management with a high degree of accuracy and time-saving precision. Goodbye paper and Excel sheets!

The complicated process of requesting for claim and loan becomes much simpler and more practical with GreatDay HR.

With GreatDay HR, tax calculations have never been more accurate. Includes Alphalist, Instant Annualization, and BIR 2316 form generation.

Provides convenience in payroll management with a high degree of accuracy and time-saving precision. Goodbye paper and Excel sheets!

Make your daily activities well-organized with shift scheduling and shift pattern settings and other comprehensive calendar management options.

Extremely secure and easy to access HR data are available for download in usable formats in real-time as HR Admin.

GreatDay HR has a built-in chat feature that enables users to interact with their colleagues in their organization.

Approvals for leaves, claims, loans, and others are able to be performed anywhere at any time with just a single tap.

Displays employees’ complete and up-to-date employment data and other relevant information.

Share files and documents digitally via an encrypted gateway where data security is guaranteed.

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