Manage The Most Valuable Asset For Your Company


Record employee’s time of attendance on the go to increase company’s workflow efficiency and productivity.

Leave Request

Simplifies the process of requesting leave from leave balance, leave request to leave approval.

Payroll Calculation

Provides convenience to the payroll process with a high degree of accuracy and time precision.

Claim & Loan

The complicated process of request for claim and loan becomes much simpler and more practical with GreatDay HR.

Tax Calculation

Accurate calculation of payroll, tax calculation.

Organization Structure

View the organizational hierarchy to facilitate work flow and identify employee positions.

Schedule Settings

Make your daily activities well-organized with shift scheduling and shift pattern settings, and also an event calendar features.


Extremely easy to access and download data in real-time as HR Admin.


The available chat feature enables users to interact with their peers.


Approval for leave, claim, and others are able to be performed anywhere at anytime with just a single click.

Personal Information

Displays employees’ complete employment data and other relevant information for the HR Admin to keep as record.

Sharing Documents

Share documents digitally on a secure platform that is guaranteed for its security.

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