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GreatDay HR is an HRIS software solution driven by its commitment to solving HR challenges. It offers a singular, streamlined, and automated solution that simplifies the management of all aspects of the employee lifecycle with ease.
SunFish DataOn with our HRIS platforms such as GreatDay HR have been helping companies automate their HR processes with our modern HRIS and Payroll platforms since 1999.

Always prepared to assist HR in carrying out their complete range of responsibilities.

24+ Years

of Experience


of Experience


of Experience

4 Countries

in South East Asia

Collaborate with over 3000+ companies throughout Asia to enhance experiences by automating their HR manual tasks.

Transform HR boundaries with GreatDay HR.


Fully Featured HRIS System

The most suitable HR management system to manage company & employee data


Fraud-free Guarantee Attendance System

Easy clock-in and out with flexibility, anytime anywhere. An attendance system that is fully integrated to payroll. Capture real-time and real-location only.


Effortless Payroll Process

Fast and accurate payroll calculation with all data attendance system integration, along with automatic alignment and payslip distribution.


Well-ordered Recruitment Process

Support end-to-end recruitment processes from managing job openings, maintaining candidates’ data, to scheduling interviews directly on the app.


Seamless Performance Management

Empower high performance culture by making employees accountable for measurable results. Completed with various metrics and KPI Calculation Rounding.


of business have introduced fresh techniques for assessing the overall productivity and performance of their remote workforce.


of HR executives express worry about the security of HR data.


of companies employ HR technology to discover and retain their talent.

HR and employee management are now more
efficient and simpler than they have ever been. Here's how

Enjoy Ease

Our top priority is creating an exceptional user experience. GreatDay HR has been intentionally designed to be remote-friendly and easily customizable, with the goal of reducing any challenges our customers might face. This guarantees a seamless and effortless process for HR tasks and payroll processing.

Save Time & Increase Productivity

The exceptional speed at which GreatDay HR completes payroll and tax calculations in under an hour is attributed to its real-time data capture, automatic updates, and smooth integration across all functions. Let’s enhance efficiency while utilizing fewer resources.

Save Cost

GreatDay HR not only substantially diminishes the requirement for extra workforce and specific material costs but also plays a role in boosting company profits. It’s a system tailored to accommodate future expansion, providing profitability without compromising affordability.

Dont take our word for it.

Here's what our customers say

GreatDay HR is full package. They can manage employee’s data, facilitate communication between HR department and employees, help with recruitment candidate selection, and monitor attendance. Decision making process is easier and faster now.

Customer Testimonials

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Transform your HR to greater levels with
GreatDay HR!

GreatDay HR is highly committed to continually innovating and creating solutions for all HRD problems, now and later

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