The simplest method to track employee attendance.

Employee productivity often suffers when work culture undergoes frequent changes. Maintain a close watch on employee attendance and daily work shifts using a comprehensive attendance management system.

Collaborate with over 3000+ companies throughout Asia to enhance experiences by automating their HR manual tasks.

Attendance Reminder Notification

No need for concern. GreatDay HR offers attendance reminder notifications to all users, ensuring they can log their attendance punctually before the workday begins and after it concludes. Users can rest assured there won’t be any salary deductions.

Accurate Face Recognition and Geo Tagging Location

Geo Tagging provides precise location information about your teams, working hand in hand with the Facial Recognition system to assist supervisors and leaders in generating the utmost accurate attendance data.

Face Matching & Liveness Check

GreatDay HR eradicates the potential for attendance falsification by equipping its system with Face Matching and Liveness Check technology. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of monitoring and capturing real-time employee attendance data, and bid farewell to employee time theft!

Attendance Correction

No problem if you happen to forget to log your attendance! Employees can conveniently access their attendance records and submit attendance correction requests with just a few clicks. Supervisors will receive immediate notifications on their smartphones for any attendance correction requests, expediting the approval process.

Easy Shift Scheduling

Flexible, smooth, and trouble-free” are commonly used terms to depict the process of shift changes using GreatDay HR. Simply choose the shift schedule and assign it to the relevant team members.

Online and Offline Mode Available

Employees who frequently work in areas with limited internet connectivity need not fret. They can still log their attendance even when offline with the offline mode.


of a company’s gross profit is lost due to employee time theft.


of employers have confirmed that they include tardiness and absenteeism in their performance reviews.


of workers frequently undergo last-minute changes.

Other essential and powerful core-supporting features to help you solve all HR challenges

Efficient and precise payroll calculations are achieved through seamless integration with the attendance system, accompanied by automatic alignment and payslip distribution.
Contactless attendance technology designed for enhanced operational efficiency. No smartphone required!
Record employee attendance while simultaneously measuring their body temperature using our Intelligent Temperature Checking System (ITCS).

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