Effortless and Smooth Approval Workflow

Traditional leave and overtime request forms with complex approval procedures can lead to administrative challenges. Thanks to GreatDay HR, employees can submit leave and overtime requests with just a few clicks, streamlining the approval process for faster and more straightforward outcomes.

Collaborate with over 3000+ companies throughout Asia to enhance experiences by automating their HR manual tasks.

Customized Leave Types

Every company has its own leave policy. Recognizing this, GreatDay HR empowers superadmins to effortlessly customize and incorporate any type of leave the company offers. Superadmins can establish the balance, decide whether it applies to all employees, and also configure the request validation.

Streamlined and Flexible Approval Process

Through an automated system, all requests will be forwarded to the relevant employee’s supervisor for approval. Notifications will appear in their GreatDay HR account, allowing them to promptly approve or reject the requests.

Access Leave & Overtime History, Anytime

Employees can conveniently access both their historical and current leave requests, along with overtime requests, directly within their app. This functionality allows them to monitor the number of leaves taken, the remaining balance, the hours of overtime contributed, and the current status of their requests.

Integrated with Payroll System

GreatDay HR’s intelligent system will automatically compute all overtime earnings and leave deductions, alleviating the burden of approving leave and overtime requests. Furthermore, all earnings and deductions will be meticulously outlined on the payslip. It’s quite a relief, wouldn’t you agree?


Philippines utilize their entire annual leave.


of HR workload is dedicated to repetitive and manual tasks.


of HR leaders report that their system does not incorporate leave and overtime data into payroll.

Other essential and powerful core-supporting features to help you solve all HR challenges

Efficient and precise payroll calculations are achieved through seamless integration with the attendance system, accompanied by automatic alignment and payslip distribution.
Contactless attendance technology designed for enhanced operational efficiency. No smartphone required!
Record employee attendance while simultaneously measuring their body temperature using our Intelligent Temperature Checking System (ITCS).

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