Contactless Attendance Utilizing an Intelligent Face Recognition System

In certain goods-producing locations, the use of mobile phones is restricted. Now, employees or laborers no longer need to rely on their smartphones for recording attendance.

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Record Attendance with No Smartphone Needed

GreatDay Kiosk is a feature crafted for contactless employee attendance tracking. It operates by linking a device with the GreatDay HR app. Employees simply need to scan their ID (if applicable) and their face, and their attendance will be instantly recorded.

Integrated to GreatDay HR System

No need to fret! GreatDay Kiosk is seamlessly integrated into the GreatDay HR system. The attendance data will be securely stored in the system and can be processed for payroll at any time.

Smart Face Recognition Technology

Strengthen contactless attendance by utilizing facial detection technology. It autonomously recognizes and verifies an individual’s face, recording their attendance based on their facial characteristics. The process of recording employee attendance has now been simplified like never before!


of countries use facial recognition system to reduce Covid-19 transmission.


of Americans say facial recognition attendance system can make workplace safer.


of adults believe that facial recognition technology is effective in identifying individual accurately.

Other essential and powerful core-supporting features to help you solve all HR challenges

Efficient and precise payroll calculations are achieved through seamless integration with the attendance system, accompanied by automatic alignment and payslip distribution.
Contactless attendance technology designed for enhanced operational efficiency. No smartphone required!
Record employee attendance while simultaneously measuring their body temperature using our Intelligent Temperature Checking System (ITCS).

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