Eliminating Obstacles in HR Operations

Ensuring the efficient operation of your company can be a challenging endeavor, especially when you have numerous departments and employee data to oversee. GreatDay HR consolidates all your HR administrative requirements into one integrated app, providing you with enhanced control.

Collaborate with over 3000+ companies throughout Asia to enhance experiences by automating their HR manual tasks.

Task and Feedback

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent among teams, manually assigning and organizing tasks can become quite burdensome. GreatDay HR assists employees in prioritizing tasks, staying on top of their current responsibilities, and preventing things from being overlooked. Setting deadlines, updating specific statuses, and tracking ongoing progress can all be accomplished within a single app, ensuring teams and tasks remain well-organized!

Activity Recording, An Activity Monitoring Tool

A functionality that empowers supervisors and leaders to monitor their teams’ daily activities. Employees simply capture a picture of their current tasks and provide a detailed description. This aids the company in achieving its objectives, regardless of the working system in place.


Employees have the option to document the specifics of tasks or activities they’ve completed within a designated timeframe. Companies can also utilize timesheets to gain insights into how each employee allocated their working hours, the tasks they undertook, the duration spent on particular activities, and more.


of employees indicates a preference towards remote work.


of employees believes that digital tools make them more productive.


of employees noted that its challenging to collaborate with co-workers these days.

Other essential and powerful core-supporting features to help you solve all HR challenges

Effortless clocking in and out made possible through a multi-channel attendance system seamlessly integrated with payroll. It captures real-time and location-specific data exclusively.
Promote a high-performance culture by instilling employee accountability for quantifiable outcomes. Enhanced with diverse metrics and KPI calculation refinement.
Assist throughout the entire recruitment process, from overseeing job postings and maintaining candidate information to directly scheduling interviews using the app.

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