Track Employee Engagement and Productivity.

Employees’ daily activities provide insights into their productivity and task priorities. You can assess employee activity and performance by reviewing their Daily Activity records at any time. Even when working remotely, employees can report their activities by merely taking a picture of their work.

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Geo Tagging for Actual Time and Location

The Geo Tagging functionality supplements the daily activity recording feature of employees by guaranteeing the precision of location and time information. Thanks to this accurate location and time data, employers can verify that tasks are executed in alignment with company standards, even when employees are working remotely.

Easy to Adjust to Employee Shift Schedule

Every company needs to adjust to evolving factors like workplaces and work systems. To facilitate this, GreatDay HR enables customization of the Daily Activity feature to align with each employee’s shift schedule!

Complete Report with Visuals and Captions

Employees document their tasks by capturing images of their work. They are also obligated to furnish descriptions corresponding to their activities. This results in more comprehensive and dependable activity reports.

Offline and Online Modes Available

The Activity Record feature is functional even when the user’s smartphone lacks an internet connection. Consequently, remote employees can effortlessly document and report their activities without any disruptions. The recorded activities will be promptly transmitted to the supervisor.

Adjustable Activity Type

Employees can customize the activity type they choose and the reporting details they input when recording their activities to align with the requirements of each division. Consequently, each activity record report will include the essential detailed information.


of employees show a preference for remote working.


of employees believe that digital tools make them more productive.



of companies are not finding effective ways to monitor their employees.

Other essential and powerful core-supporting features to help you solve all HR challenges

Effortless clocking in and out made possible through a multi-channel attendance system seamlessly integrated with payroll. It captures real-time and location-specific data exclusively.
Promote a high-performance culture by instilling employee accountability for quantifiable outcomes. Enhanced with diverse metrics and KPI calculation refinement.
Assist throughout the entire recruitment process, from overseeing job postings and maintaining candidate information to directly scheduling interviews using the app.

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