Boost Employee Engagement Through Enhanced Internal Communication.

Highly engaged teams have been shown to be more profitable than their disengaged counterparts. While creating an engaged workplace demands strategic and consistent efforts, here are some reasons why investing in GreatDay HR is a wise choice for your company.

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Strong Communication with Chat Feature

Open and dynamic employee communication is vital for fostering collaboration. GreatDay HR includes a chat feature that simplifies work-related discussions among colleagues. Additionally, it features a secure file-sharing menu that enables employees to share files with one another. The communication is fully encrypted and highly secure, making the exchange of information seamless and effortless.

Highly Engaged with Social Feeds Feature

Effective and dynamic employee communication is essential for promoting collaboration. GreatDay HR incorporates a chat feature that streamlines work-related discussions among coworkers. Furthermore, it offers a secure file-sharing menu, facilitating the exchange of files between employees. This communication system is fully encrypted and exceptionally secure, ensuring the smooth and effortless sharing of information.

Effortlessly Notified the Company with Announcement Feature

Easily share company-wide announcements with just a few clicks! Utilize GreatDay HR’s announcement feature to communicate the latest news, achievements, information, or policies. You can rest assured that no information will be missed, as our mobile app promptly sends notifications for every posted announcement.

Seek Opinions with Polling and Survey Feature

Having the capability to observe the reactions of other employees to forthcoming changes in strategy, production planning, or new initiatives is truly reassuring. This allows the company to come to a consensus and address any issues requiring additional attention well before the deadline.


of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success.


of employees are not engaged with their workplace.


of employees does not know about their company’s update and not involved in any company’s decisions.

Other essential and powerful core-supporting features to help you solve all HR challenges

Effortless clocking in and out made possible through a multi-channel attendance system seamlessly integrated with payroll. It captures real-time and location-specific data exclusively.
Promote a high-performance culture by instilling employee accountability for quantifiable outcomes. Enhanced with diverse metrics and KPI calculation refinement.
Assist throughout the entire recruitment process, from overseeing job postings and maintaining candidate information to directly scheduling interviews using the app.

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