Ensure the Security of Company Assets with Patrol and Tracking Functionality.

GreatDay HR assists you in meticulously verifying the efficiency of inspection rotations. The tasks performed by outsourced officers will be securely stored in a cloud storage system adhering to international security standards.

Collaborate with over 3000+ companies throughout Asia to enhance experiences by automating their HR manual tasks.

Real-Time Geo Tracking

Furnished with cutting-edge GPS technology that autonomously logs all movements, guarantees punctuality, and monitors the work progress of outsourced employees. Through Geo Tracking, both company and outsourcing management can effortlessly observe the officers’ movements and work progress directly from the app.

Inventory Checking with Barcode Technology

Supervise and safeguard asset security through barcode scanning. Our Patrol feature can be customized to match the quantity of assets requiring inspection. Officers simply need to scan the barcode and access a list of assets that require verification.

In-App Asset Status Update

Patrol officers, patrol management, and company asset owners can receive real-time status updates directly through the GreatDay HR app. Instant notifications will promptly appear for all relevant parties.


of global businesses performed big data processing in the cloud.


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Other essential and powerful core-supporting features to help you solve all HR challenges

Effortless clocking in and out made possible through a multi-channel attendance system seamlessly integrated with payroll. It captures real-time and location-specific data exclusively.
Promote a high-performance culture by instilling employee accountability for quantifiable outcomes. Enhanced with diverse metrics and KPI calculation refinement.
Assist throughout the entire recruitment process, from overseeing job postings and maintaining candidate information to directly scheduling interviews using the app.

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