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GreatDay HR’s advanced and reliable online attendance system ensures efficient employee management

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Check-in Anytime, Anywhere

Recording attendance has never been easier! Attendance can be done anytime and anywhere, just take a selfie using the GreatDay HR app to check-in.

GreatDay HR provides detailed attendance information that will be directly linked with the payroll module seamlessly and all in one system.  This includes timestamps and GPS map locations with the Geo Tagging function.

Attendance Recording Methods

Method 1: GreatDay HR Mobile App. The GreatDay HR app allows you to clock in and out of your shift by simply taking a selfie! It records relevant information such as time in and out etc. and location.

                  You can also avail of Facial Recognition on the GreatDay Mobile App but this is an additional cost.

Method 2: GreatDay Kiosk. Use an Android tablet to set up an attendance Kiosk to allow your employees to register their attendance. This takes less than 1-2 seconds per employee. Efficiency at its finest.

Method 3: GreatDay XFace100. GreatDay HR’s New Biometrics Option! Record Your Employee’s Attendance using GreatDay XFace100 with Facial Recognition and Fingerprint authentication.

Method 4: Intelligent Temperature Checking System. Use our highly-intuitive ITC System. This is the latest technology that checks the following in one go:

Temperature, Facial Recognition, Mask wearing, Records employee T&A

Method 5: GreatDay HR Web. An employee may also use their desktop or laptop computers to record their Time and Attendance. This also logs your location and time for monitoring purposes.

Geo Tagging

GreatDay HR’s Geo Tagging (GPS) technology provides a precise map location which is always attached with every attendance record sent to the system, minimizing fraud that could occur in the recording process. This is especially useful for remote employees!

Geo Tracking

GreatDay HR’s Geo Tracking technology provides the map as well as route tracking that an employee has followed. This is useful for employees who are always on the go!


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