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GreatDay HR: GreatDay Meet

Hosting or joining meetings is now easy as 1-2-3! Try GreatDay Meet now for free! Desktop and Mobile App Versions available!

Meet Away with GreatDay Meet!

GreatDay Meet is a secure video conferencing solution by GreatDay HR. It has end-to-end encryption, scheduling, and web or mobile access through a dedicated app!

GreatDay Meet also gives you the ability to utilize local hosting for a much better user experience and to ensure conference data is private to you and your meeting participants alone.

No Participant and Time Limits

GreatDay Meet enables you to handle various video conferencing needs seamlessly. Whether your meeting is a webinar, employee interview, or client meeting, GreatDay Meet has got you covered.

And oh did we mention – GreatDay Meet is totally UNLIMITED! Have peace of mind in holding your meetings with GreatDay Meet’s unlimited participants and unlimited time capabilities!

Secure and Compatible

Your meetings are always secured, thanks to end-to-end encryption with local hosting and password protection. Never feel that you are in insecure meetings with GreatDay Meet.

Additionally, GreatDay Meet is accessible through the GreatDay Meet mobile app on your smartphone or via desktop. This combination offers a high degree of flexibility and security to help you manage any video conference requirements with confidence.

Built-in Scheduling and Reminder Features

Easily schedule and notify every meeting participant with GreatDay Meet’s built-in scheduling and reminder feature. This helps everyone to join the meeting in a timely manner and never miss a single minute.

Invite More People

With GreatDay Meet, you can also invite more people when the meeting has even started! This ensures a snappy response to any sudden need for personnel to join the meeting.

User-friendly Interface

GreatDay Meet’s delightfully convenient interface enables users to quickly understand and get started with minimal learning time required. GD Meet is also complete with virtual background tools (e.g. blur, image, etc.) with adjustable video quality settings depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

To make it easier for the host or the participant, the interface in the desktop version of GreatDay Meet is hugely similar to the interface of the mobile app. Convenient!

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