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GreatDay HR Pro: Patrol

Making sure all of the company’s assets are where they should be can be daunting, especially when there are so many things to consider.


The latest feature added to GreatDay HR that is specifically made for Security Officers (Security). This feature makes it easy to record and inspect company assets regularly in accordance with employee work shifts.


This feature is also being used in these times of Covid 19 to monitor Janitorial staff cleaning the premises.  Good to see we Filipinos are still so innoative!

GreatDay HR Security Patrol

GreatDay HR Security Patrol allows you to monitor your assets using QR Codes.

Generate QR Codes in our system for each location/room that you wish to monitor then place a QR Code in that location.  The security team must then scan these codes at various times that you have set.  These scans are then saved in a report that can be viewed to ensure that the tasks have been performed correctly and on time.

Realtime reporting. The team leader will receive real-time field inspection reports via the GreatDayHR application. With a good recording and inspection process, the company will save a lot of time and be able to increase employee productivity.

GreatDay HR Asset Security

GreatDay HR Asset Security allows you to generate a QR code for each room.  When Security enters this room to scan the QR code, he will be presented with a list of assets that should be present in that room.  For ex. 4 Desktop Computers, 1 Projector etc.  He must mark them present (on the APP) in the room or make a notation for his report that something was not there.

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