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GreatDay XFace100

GreatDay HR's New Biometrics Option! Record Your Employee's Attendance using GreatDay XFace100 with Facial Recognition and Fingerprint authentication.

GreatDay XFace100

Introducing the ultimate hybrid biometrics time attendance terminal that simplifies your time management process. Our terminal offers both facial recognition and fingerprint options, ensuring a foolproof attendance system. 

This system integrates employee attendance data directly and in real time to your GreatDay HR system.

No more downloading and uploading employee attendance data!

Say goodbye to lost cards and buddy punching with our advanced system that can handle up to 3000 employees. The sleek and modern design is sure to impress and fits perfectly in any workspace. 

Easy to install and user-friendly, this terminal is the perfect addition to streamline your HR process. Get rid of the old-school attendance methods and make way for the new and improved biometrics time attendance terminal with facial recognition and fingerprint options.

Accurate Facial Recognition

GreatDay XFace100 has an accurate facial recognition feature that uses high-performance face identification which captures attendance as fast as 0.5 seconds. 

GreatDay XFace100 is equipped with 2 million high-definition binocular cameras to achieve accurate employee authentication.

With Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, color and B / W photos), videos attack and 3D mask attack

Mask Verification

Masks have now become an option in the Philippines especially with the prevalence of COVID-19. However, some people still don’t like it and often forget to wear them. If your workplace requires mask wearing, with GreatDay XFace100 this is no longer a problem.

GreatDay XFace100 gives you the option to enable mask verification for a safe and secure attendance recording.

Fingerprint Authentication

Apart from enabling Facial Recognition, you also have an option to authenticate your employee’s attedance with their fingerprint.

GreatDay XFace100 with its fingerprint option is the perfect solution for businesses that require a secure and reliable attendance system. Our terminal offers cutting-edge fingerprint recognition technology that ensures 100% accuracy in identifying employees. With a storage capacity of up to 3000 employees, this terminal is perfect for any small, medium or large-sized organization.

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