The New Way to Engage Your Employees

Employee Engagement is one of the most important things contributing to a companies success. Through GreatDay HR, we provide you the digital technology to improve employee engagement.

Internal Social Media

These days, people love to express themselves through social media. With GreatDay HR, your employees can express themselves through internal social media by posting their achievements, special moments etc. within the company network.

Likes and Comments

All posts can be seen by all employees. Other employees can give their likes and also leave their comments on posts by their colleagues.

Gammifications (Awards)

Rewarding employees is important.  For example, ‘Likes’ from each post can be used as one of the assessment points to evaluate the best employee profiles. Accumulation of the points can be redeemed with company’s rewards.

Thousands of Companies in Asia are now Using GreatDay HR

You can be one of these companies experiencing a digital HR transformation, using GreatDay HRIS!

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