Comprehensive solutions to accelerate growth and profits by making your Human Resources more organized and efficient

GreatDay HR supports your company’s continuous growth.

Simple to Use. That’s GreatDay HR.

Mobile and Remote-Friendly

Great user experience is critical. Which is why the GreatDay HR app is mobile-friendly, creating a seamless experience for you and your team to use, wherever and whenever you are.

Easy Setup

Employee data management has never been easier. Your employees can easily download the app on playstore and app store for convenient and quick setup.


Actual time is automatically applied to every check-in and check-out, ensuring fraud-free attendance data.

GreatDay HR Values Your Time

Full-Integration with Instant Updates

GreatDay HR is cloud-based, which means that all data is updated at once and integrated with all corresponding functions.

Employee Management? Painless!

Monitoring and getting reports of your employees’ periodic performance over your smartphone means more time to focus on growing your business.

Employee Management? Painless!

GreatDay HR is best-in-class in making periodic payroll calculations accurate. Say goodbye to manual Excel formulas and hello to quick computations done in minutes! We comply and stay up-to-date with all Philippine taxation and labor laws.


GreatDay HR Helps Maximize Productivity

Less Hassle Allows More Hustle

Administrative work can be tedious and time-consuming. GreatDay HR takes care of this for you giving you more time to seek more growth opportunities for your company.

We Value Employee Engagement and Growth

Engaged employees are productive employees. GreatDay HR allows companies to assign tasks while giving managers and colleagues to provide feedback. This opens up more learning opportunities for everyone. Employees may also record their activities during the workday.

Receive and Approve Requests In No Time

Employees can immediately send leave and overtime requests, as well as compensation and reimbursement claims to the company. Say goodbye to complicated approval processes.

Increase Cost Savings

Automation Allows You To Spend Less So You Can Earn More

Significantly reduce paper and additional labor costs and increase your profits by automating common HR processes.

Affordable, Reliable, Secure.

GreatDay HR offers affordable annual subscriptions that allow you to grow your business faster than ever. And with our Tier-3 secured and ISO-certified cloud storage, reliability and overall security will never be a concern.


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