Leave Requests

Manual leave request forms can cause administrative hassles with an unnecessarily complicated approval process. Greatday HR makes processing faster and easier because employees can submit leave requests with just a few clicks and get approvals just as quickly!

Customizable Leave Types

Employees can request any type of leave directly from the GreatDay HR app. Besides the usual leaves such as VLs, SLs, ELs, and the like, you can easily customize and add any type of leave offered by your company.

Convenient Overtime Requests

GreatDay HR gives employees more autonomy by allowing them to request overtime right in the application! You can also create custom overtime types and let your team members work overtime with just a few clicks.

Thanks to its integration in the payroll module, every employee who works overtime will always receive fair remuneration

Streamlined Approval Process

With GreatDay HR, applying for a leave is easier than ever with just one click. Each request is automatically sent to the employee’s manager for subsequent approval. Enjoy faster and more transparent approval processes with GreatDay HR.

Access Leave and Overtime History Whenever

GreatDay HR allows employees to conveniently view past and current leave and overtime requests straight from the app. This allows you to track the number of days used, your remaining leave credits, the number of overtime hours, and the status of requests.

Effortless HRIS and Payroll Management made possible with GreatDay HR.

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