Advanced Features

GreatDay HR Pro: Manage Employee Performance

GreatDay HR enables you to oversee your team’s performance and provide instant feedback when needed. Leave paper evaluations in the past and welcome the digital future with real-time employee performance management.

Now you can have Performance Scorecard Measuring in Real Time!

We Need Performance Management

Measure the productivity of your team’s performance using the GreatDay HR application.  With GreatDay HR, evaluating the performance of team members is easier and more effective.

Correct use of Performance Management can help to cut attrition and develop new talents and leaders!

Customize Assesment Periods!

Many times, these systems are not always linked together.
Set periodic employee performance appraisal periods according to company needs, whether monthly, quarterly, semester or yearly.

Reward and Performance Improvement Plans.

By showing effective and up-to-date assessments, companies can provide rewards or performance improvement plans in an employee’s performance results.

Set KPIs 

You can set a KPI for any employee and track their performance in achieving this.

Measuring Employee
Performance Easily & Effectively

All Notifications in One Feed
Users will be notified when there is any update regarding employees’
performance progress on the feed page.

Create KPIs with the Wizard Questionnaire
The Wizard Questionnaire on performance feature will help users create
KPIs precisely and easily for members, based on company goals.

Eye catching Graphics in KPI page
Displays the percentage of employee KPI fulfillment progress. Employees will be able to keep track of their performance.

Milestones to drive Employee Performance
Making employee performance development milestones, which helps
employees achieve their optimal performance.

Boost Employee Performance with GreatDayHR

Monitor Performance Progress with Analytics
The Analytics feature displays employee Performance results reports with given KPI measures.

KPI & Milestone Rank
Equipped with the latest KPI and Milestone comparison ranking between
employees and their team/department.

Improving Performance with Coaching
Users can easily provide and inform the training that employees can take in order to support and help them achieve their optimal performance.

Effectively Conduct Reviews
Equipped with a 360 degree Rating System. All levels within the company will receive an accurate assessment.

Authorized Users Can Assign Tasks to Employees

GreatDayHR facilitates multi-departmental co-ordination. Assemble project teams, launch new initiatives and manage progress no matter where your team members are situated.

manageperformance assign task all

Automatic, Effective, and Complete Appraisal Reports

Complete Appraisal Report
Employees and companies will receive report results from all assessments

Outcome of Performance Results
GreatDay system automatically displays a set of employee performance results during a predefined period including Assignments, Suggestions and Attendance Reports.

Performance Results in Star Ratings
The GreatDay system automatically provides a star rating of the overall employee performance appraisal results.

Action Plan Suggestions
This feature maps the position of employees based on their performance along with suggestions that employees can take to improve their performance in the future.

Mapping All Employee Performances
Company will receive a report regarding the overall performance mapping of employees in the company. This will effectively help companies make future

Activity Recording

For those of you who have mobile employees or employees who are accustomed to working in the field, we provide an activity recording feature. This feature allows companies to oversee the work of these employees. Equipped with photo and GPS features, employees can write down and capture all their activities in the field that can then be seen by their superiors.

manageperformance activity recording

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