GreatDay HR Pro: Operation Control​

Monitor your employees’ activities and assess their performance by having a look at their activity records.

Operation Control

Keeping a business running smoothly can be daunting, especially if you have a lot of departments or employees to manage. With GreatDay HR, all your management needs are stored in one integrated application for better control.


A convenient activity planner right from the app! Your team can use our timesheet feature to enter planned work and accomplished activities.

You can fill in employees with all the details, from the start of the activity to the type of activity. Integration with the payroll system means that all members of the team receive accurate and on-time pay.

Tasks and Feedback

Assign a variety of tasks and provide direct actionable feedback to your team members in GreatDay HR’s Task and Feedback feature. Increased employee productivity means increased overall company efficiency thanks to streamlined workflows.

Whistle Blower

Constant monitoring is needed to ensure that everything is in its place. Unfortunately this is not always possible. For this reason GreatDay HR has developed the whistleblower function. Any employee can report damaged or stolen items.

If they catch another employee breaking rules or stealing items, they can also report him as suspicious. Everything runs well in the app and its confidentiality is guaranteed.

HR Buddy

Being late for work can be unavoidable at times and can have a variety of causes. However, you must set limits and give your employees appropriate reprimands for violations. This is not as easy as it sounds, especially when the team is large. The HR Buddy feature can help you with this.

When an employee is late, a notification letter is automatically sent to let him or her know that he or she is tardy. The HR department can also receive notifications and send warnings to the appropriate employees.

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