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GreatDay HR: Recruitment

GreatDay HR can help you go digital and make filtering suitable candidates more convenient than ever. Our powerful Recruitment portal makes the entire process easier. You can even conduct interviews straight from the app with GreatDay Meet integrated.

The New Way To Hire Employees!

All GreatDay HR recruitment processes can be carried out through mobile phones or the web App. You can determine the candidates criteria, determine selected candidates, and arrange interview meetings with candidates through GreatDay HR anytime and anywhere.

This great Recruitment module allows for hiring to fully on boarding of your new employees.

We setup your own Web Portal for your job postings and for applicants to register and apply.

Register Job Vacancy

HR can create a position, then post the job description as well as job requirements in the GreatDay Jobs Portal for applicants to view the position details.

Direct Communication

HR can assign various tasks to the applicants directly i.e. the requirement to complete a video or written test.

Share Job Vacancy

As well as posting to your own Jobs Portal on Greatday HR, you can share the job vacancy to many other communication channels like FaceBook, LinkedIn etc.

Direct Report

GreatDay provides updated information back to HR. For example, the number of new applicants, applicant monitoring, interviewed applicants, and qualified applicants etc.


GreatDay helps HR with multiple screening processes using filtering features for the different applicants to help narrow the list to only the most suitable candidates

Get Detailed information from your Applicants

Get all personal details and history, resumes etc. All information from applicants will be displayed in one place. This helps HR to choose the most qualified applicants.

Create an Interview Schedule

GreatDay integrates with the established HR communication channel for direct communication with applicants. Qualified applicants can be put in the Interview Schedule Planner. GreatDay fully records all of the communication processes for review.

How Your Potential Applicants Apply.

Recruit the best potential employee availble. See if they have same values as the company and will be able to contribute towards the company’s success.

Applicants can register at your GreatDay Internet Recruitment Portal to view all available vacant positions.

With our video interview system or via written questions, applicants can be pre-screened by the use of various questions you setup for the position.

A video can be recorded and sent by applicant to HR. This allows the recruiter to get a better feel of the applicants character and demeanor.

Registration Process

Applicants will have to register on the GreatDay HR App for easy access to your job posts.

Onboarding Process

Applicants are required to provide all the information requested by the job post owner digitally.

Advanced Screening Features

GreatDay provides a filtering feature for applicants to search for job vacancies in your organization which may suit them.


Short Interview

GreatDay provides the feature to do a short interview, applicant test, including both written test and or video test.

Using our GreatDay Meet, you can do panel interviews with prospective employees!

GreatDay HR Meet is currently given FREE to allow our clients to work better during this pandemic!

Information Status

All the communication processes are recorded by the GreatDay System and updated automatically.


FREE for you – GreatDay Meet.

Use GreatDay MEET to connect with your potential or current employees for meetings in a secure enviroment.

This is our way of helping our clients during this pandemic to keep in touch with their employees!

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