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Test out features like Payroll, Time & Attendance, as well as our Mobile App.

All data in these programs are just examples of what you can expect to see and does not reflect any real nor stored personal information. You may enter data and do trials as much as you wish, but all data is refreshed overnight.
This means that it will revert back to the original Demo version each day. We will never keep your data without consent.

We are very transparent.

You can view before you subscribe. No surprises. No hidden charges. What you see is what we are offering you.
You are assured of no Setup Charges, Buying Biometric Machines or Salary Cards, etc for trying our demo account below.

NOTE: For full experience of our GD App, kindly minimize your browser window to interact like a mobile phone screen or make browser larger to make it easier to interact with the web portal! Works best on Firefox Browser.

Learn more about this intuitive and smart Mobile App for your HR!

GreatDay HR is the most advanced and most feature-rich HRIS App in the market today. After 20 years of combined HR software development and HR domain expertise, we are able to package everything into the GreatDay HR app that we know today. And it just works.

Click below to see a working demonstration of the GreatDay HR App.

Learn more about the Administration Module for GreatDay HR

GreatDay HR makes use of the world-class SunFish HCM engine to do all your HR management and administrative tasks. This powerful engine is remarkable in the number of things it can do to make your role easier!

   You get all this power at a fraction of the cost.

 Have a look at this Administration Module to learn more how it works.

GreatDay HR App User Guide

Got more questions on how to go about and use GreatDay HR? Feel free to download and refer to the user manual for the GreatDay HR Mobile App. Convenient isn’t it?

Download the GreatDay HR App

These apps are designed to be used on a smartphone or tablet. If you just wish to view the app in a web browser, 

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For Smartphones and Tablets

Download GreatDay Kiosk

This program is designed to run on an Android Tablet/Device.

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