Easily create & manage your employee’s shift schedules.

GreatDay HR supports many different shift schedule patterns. Authorized users can create & manage shift patterns easily & effectively.

The Shift schedule works perfectly with the attendance module and also links with payroll module.

Remember that GreatDay HR is an integrated all in one system.

Request Shift Changes

GreatDay HR supports companies that have employees who work in different timezones and have different hours of work.
Employees can change their shift schedule to suit the local requirements with only one click, their request will be sent to their supervisor for approval.

24 Hours Shifting Schedules & Overnight Attendance

Manage your employee’s schedule easily.
GreatDay HR supports companies that have 24 hour work schedules.

These features can be set to record employee check in and check out without limitation of hours.

Adjustable Shift Scheduling

In GreatDay HR you are able to adjust the task schedule according to certain situations that may unexpectedly arise.

Effortless HRIS and Payroll Management made possible with GreatDay HR.

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