Internal Social Media

The digital age allows everyone to share stories. The GreatDay HR app allows you to share stories about your daily activities with your fellow colleagues no matter where you are.

Highly Engaged, Excellent Well-being

GreatDay HR’s Internal Social Feed makes it easy to communicate with colleagues. There is no reason not to know your colleagues as you can request to communicate with them through our social feed feature.

Get to Know Your Employees

Every status of your employees can be seen via the social feed. You can easily know what your colleagues are going through or feeling. They can also post some fun facts, inspirational content, and personal or team achievements!

Share Achievements

Awards are something to be proud of. Show the rewards you’ve earned through Social Feed.

Likes and Comments

All posts are visible to all employees. Other employees can give likes and also leave their comments.

Effortless HRIS and Payroll Management made possible with GreatDay HR.

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