4 Things HR People Should Know About HRIS & Payroll Systems

These days, investing in a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is essential to save time and effort by optimizing and automating processes in the HR team’s workflow. Large corporations have been using a customized HRIS to handle their employees and HR processes. On the other hand, only a few Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) know about what an HRIS is and its potential benefits for them.

Subscribing to an HRIS is a worthy investment for any business, may it be an MSME or conglomerate. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best HRIS and payroll software that has all the needed features, and more.

There are a few key questions you should ask yourself before choosing the platform your company will be relying on.

  1. For starters, how easy is the platform to use? Not only that but can you easily navigate that platform when performing a complex business operation?
  2. Second to that, can you customize the platform to the needs of your business? And if your business grows can that platform scale with your needs?
  3. Third on this list but possibly most important to you if you are a new business, how much does the platform cost? Is this an affordable solution for your business?

Whether you are a brand new business or you are celebrating your tenth year, it’s important the platform you choose isn’t a hindrance but an ally for your operations. Let’s dive into this with more details on what matters most when you choose a new piece of software for the back end of your business.

GreatDay HR is Easy to Use

Remember that availing of an HRIS subscription entails transforming manual HR processes like filing government documents, monitoring payrolls, updating employee information, and more, into automated ones. When choosing your company’s HRIS and payroll software, the transition from manual documentation to online filing in one platform should be seamless. This means that any information placed, whether it be the business’s process or employee information, should be input and saved in the system in just a few clicks.

Not only that, the HRIS software should be easy to navigate. This means that all the HR processes are readily available on the platform and can be accessed by anyone in the company. An easy-to-use HRIS platform saves the time and effort spent on manually placing and monitoring the company data, employee data, and their other requests.

GreatDay HR is Configurable

There are quite a few HRIS software platforms in the Philippines that can automate the business’s HR processes. But, to get the best HRIS that suits the business, configurability should also be considered.

Typically, HRIS is configurable depending on the details needed to start the business’s HRIS. Normally, an HRIS covers employee data, time and attendance, payroll and e-payslip, and more. This can be upgraded further through available add-ons like Performance Management, Recruitment and Security Patrol. Having these choices enable MSMEs to mix and match the basic package with the add-on services for an HRIS that’s tailor-fit to the business’s needs.

Less payroll and employee information errors

The HR team usually processes dozens of applicants, revises employee data, and files the leaves of the employees themselves, among other things. Processing all these things together, especially if the HR team is small, can lead to information errors that can be a hassle to revise. When searching for the best HRIS and payroll software for the MSME, make the employees responsible and accountable for their information and filings.

Once the HRIS has been set up, employees themselves can file their leaves, update their employee data, and upload their required documents. This gives employees a sense of ownership of their data and at the same time empowers them to be more engaged in the office’s human resources platform.

Boosting employee morale is one great benefit but more importantly, all these processes usually require approvals. GreatDay HR makes it possible for your HR team and immediate superiors to initiate the approval process within the platform. This makes it quicker and more efficient, saving your team time when managing your employees.

Not to mention, go for an HRIS that’s designed with the Filipino employee in mind. Why? Because processes, and some information such as Philippine taxes, will easily reflect on the HRIS without converting or filling up separate pages from 3rd party websites. This not only lessens errors but also reduces the risks to information safety.

GreatDay HR is Affordable

When thinking about management systems, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is expensive. With MSMEs, every peso matters, particularly during the pandemic. Fortunately, GreatDay HR, one of the HR solutions of SunFish DataOn Philippines, I

nc. is one of the affordable payroll systems in the Philippines with flexible plans that can fit every business’ budget.

Add-ons should also be priced fairly. This way, more MSMEs can shift to digitalization and be able to automate their HR processes seamlessly across the business.

Digitalization is the next phase for MSMEs. To succeed in a market greatly affected by the pandemic, turning digital is one of the solutions to ensure that the business remains operational. And to make the transition easier, it is best to avail an HRIS software that’s configurable, affordable, and tailor-fit to the needs of Philippine MSMEs.

GreatDay HR is one of the platforms offered by SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. (SDP), the leading provider of cutting-edge Human Resources technology solutions used by thousands of companies in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. Together, with its sister companies, Humanica Thailand and DataOn Indonesia, SDP creates HRIS and Payroll Solutions for employee empowerment across the board.  With its 50+ staff and growing in the Philippines, SDP offers a comprehensive and smooth support service to all its valued clients.

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