HRIS and Payroll Software 101: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has always been touted as crucial to company growth. The human resource department implements activities to encourage employee participation in company activities and make them stay with the company longer. In the hybrid work setup, utilizing digital tools such as HRIS software helps engage employees wherever and whenever. 

What employee engagement is and is not

Employee engagement is the employee’s connection, level of participation, and willingness to provide feedback on their job responsibilities and the company’s current situation. The human resource department conducts the following activities to initiate employee engagement:

  1. Office celebrations

Office celebrations are activities involving the team or the whole company. This can be birthday celebrations, holiday dinners, and other parties where employees can bond over food. 

  1. Team building activities

Team building activities are usually out-of-office activities for the team or for the whole company. Other organizations provide team-building activity packages for companies for easier implementation. 

  1. Company-wide learning lunches

Learning lunches are different from company training programs. In a learning lunch, departments share how they work, their different findings, and how their work affects the company as a whole. 

  1. Sporting events

Sporting events are activities where employees compete in different sports with their colleagues. Depending on the company’s population, these events can have a semi-finals and finals stage.

  1. Recognition programs

Recognition programs are events that recognize employee achievements. These can involve a formal awards event or a simple recognition presentation with the team.

These are some of the activities to engage employees. They are considered fun and enjoyable, depending on employee preferences. When the company initiates engagement activities for the employees, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their roles and motivated to do their jobs. 

But beyond these activities, employees also have to feel connected to their role and the purpose it brings to the organization. Making employees rediscover why they applied for the role and worked for the company is possible through HRIS software.

Strategies for company engagement

The strategy to engage management and employees are similar in some ways. For both, the company’s mission, vision, and goals must be communicated. Feedback and performance improvement plans are also essential to implement for the company’s growth strategy. And in the hybrid work setup, these aspects are even more essential.

Ask for the employee’s feedback

Employee feedback can be generated from pulse surveys, one-on-one meetings, review sites, suggestion boxes, and interviews. Getting their feedback makes them feel heard. With HRIS software like GreatDay, it is easy to ask for feedback from both onsite and online employees. GreatDay has the Polling and Surveys feature that allows the HR department to know the employee’s current sentiments toward the company. Through this, the HR department can craft better engagement activities and workforce-centric programs that focus on their growth. 

However, make sure to act on the feedback that they will provide. Make sure to further improve the good points that the workforce pointed out and address their concerns. Make sure to explain as well when the department and management go a different route from the employee’s expectations so that they would not be blindsided.

Recognize your employees

Employee recognition is one of the activities that help keep employees engaged and motivated to stay in the company. There are different employee recognition activities such as monetary recognition, daily recognition, formal recognition, and more. With HRIS software like GreatDay Pro, they can do these activities and more for the workforce, whether they’re on-site or online. GreatDay Pro has a social feed, inter-company chat, and a video conferencing feature

Employee recognition sparks employee engagement, and this leads to employee retention. With GreatDay Pro, this can be done all in the HRIS platform. 

Invest in the right technology solutions 

Investing in the right technology solutions is essential to ensuring employee engagement in the hybrid work setup. Choose an HRIS software that has all the features the company needs to engage with employees. Fortunately, GreatDay Pro is tailor-fit for Filipino companies. 

The following features of the software enable companies to engage their employees better and to communicate company-wide. 

  1. Greatday meet
  2. Performance management 
  3. Daily attendance
  4. Internal social feed
  5. Inter-company chat
  6. Announcement

Benefits of using HRIS software for employee engagement

There are a lot of benefits to using HRIS software for employee engagement. Some of the benefits are the following:

  • Employee accountability

Employees have more autonomy to record their attendance, update their employee information, file leaves and claims, and schedule performance improvement meetings with their managers. This enables them to be more proactive in their growth in the company, thus making them more engaged as employees. 

  • Higher productivity and profitability

GreatDay Pro has the geotracking and geolocation and activity recording features to ensure that they are productive wherever they may be. It also helps them be more responsible with their tasks and update their teams on those that they have accomplished for the day. 

GreatDay’s reports generation feature is also essential to ensuring employee productivity. By generating reports on the workforce’s behavior and feedback, the HR department can craft better plans to ensure employee engagement.

These activities therefore lead to profitability as the employee’s hours are accounted for and were spent working on their deliverables. 

  • Lower turnover

Having an all-in-one platform reduces the amount of software that employees utilize in their day-to-day activities. Apart from that, they are able to communicate and work with other teams through a centralized platform. This is very convenient, particularly for companies with subsidiaries. Employees no longer need to utilize another hardware to meet with their peers: they have GreatDay Pro for that. 

Employee engagement may be the primary work of the HR department, but each employee has the say on what they need to stay with the company. And for a minimal cost, GreatDay Pro can be the digital platform for employees to communicate the ways they want to be engaged.

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