GreatDayHR: An Innovative Response to a Great Need

We at SunFish Data On Philippines, Inc. (SDP) define Innovation as “linking our Clients’ needs with a stretching view of what can be made technologically possible.”  This, together with Ownership, Trust and Integrity, has been at the core of our services and excellent business outcomes.

SDP traces back its roots to DataOn which has been the leading provider of HR technology solutions in SouthEast Asia since 1999.  For 20 years now and counting, we have been partnering with businesses in investing on their greatest assets – the people – by improving work lives and increasing productivity through providing efficient and seamless HR systems solutions catering to the companies’ specific needs.

GreatDayHR came to about to address one such need.  While SunFish HCM is a comprehensive end-to-end system for large scale companies, GreatDayHR offers the same efficient solutions customized further to cater to SMEs (small and medium enterprises).    

As with all great businesses, one never stops innovating and so in 2018, GreatDayHR (formerly SunFish Go) was launched.  What was already a seamless solution to big companies became an even more powerful handy tool for SMEs.

GreatDayHR offers convenience through a fully integrated HRIS that manages key Human Resource activities such as payroll, attendance records, leave requests, claims, performance management, tax calculations, reports and more!

It is a user-friendly standalone mobile solution which is easy to configure and encourages high levels of efficiency by automating employee workflows.  GreatDay HR can be used as a complete standalone HR solution, or as a mobile front end for SunFish HR.

And true to our thrust to continuously update and enhance our systems to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs, the innovation does not stop.  At the onset of this global crisis, GreatDayHR has been further enhanced to facilitate your Work From Home Policyamong other improvements.  Our basic features: Attendance Recording, Activity Recording, Company Announcements, and Employee’s Attendance Report are all here, plus Facial Recognition and Online Health Declaration Check to address safety protocols and concerns; and much, much more.

GreatDayHR attractively and ably empowers SMEs with the same efficient workflows and processes available to larger companies, at a cost and system interface just right for the size and needs of a smaller business yet just as demanding.

With GreatDayHR, work processes will be streamlined and made more efficient redirecting valuable manhours to more strategic tasks and equally critical deliverables.  Less work, more productive hours, happier employees: achieved business goals and a highly engaged workforce overall.

Now more than ever, GreatDayHR can equip you to address the demands of these times we are in, and make you always geared up from hereon.

At a very affordable cost, GreatDayHR allows you to reap all these priceless benefits, and more.

We’d be more than happy to work with you and together see how GreatDayHR is the solution you’ve been waiting for all along. 

Let us help you.  Send us an email at info@greatdayhr.ph – we’d love to meet you!

It’s time to innovate.  It’s time to welcome in a GreatDay!

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