This thought is confronting many companies in these changing times and having a great HRIS maybe one of the answers.

If a HRIS is one of the answers, then decision, decision, what is the best solution to having a HRIS for my company?

Controlling and engaging with your employees has grown much harder in the last year.

Thr following points may help them choose wisely after considering some of the options:

  • Maintain my current paper-based system?

Not really that good in these times of pandemic and the WFH-Office-Hybrid systems we now have

  • Continue to use the diverse and un-integrated programs I have been using?

Very unproductive in terms of employee time to correlate all the data from these different programs.  Also, a lack of comprehensive data with which to make important business decisions will hamper your decision making. Generally no way to monitor employees in the new normal.

  • Build an inhouse system to meet our needs?

Sounds good at first glance but there are many things that go against this as the best solution.

A HRIS is a living thing.  It is something that must change as the business changes.  It requires constant updates and enhancements.  Needs to be continually updated to meet government regulations. These things can prove to be very costly if not done and are also costly and time consuming to do. Also will we have the same manpower who wrote this program in a year or two, to do these changes? Who will update the programming languages used to write this HRIS?

  • Purchase a fully integrated HRIS from a company that knows what they are doing and have all the functions we will need including the latest in Mobile Apps for ESS?

This is probably the best solution but only if we choose the correct provider, one who has a great track record in this field.  They will also take care of the external changes which are continuously needed.  Another thing is that a proven supplier will be continuall doing enhancements which are generally provided free and not at an additional charge.

SunFish DataOn is a very reputable HRIS software developer since 1999.  When you look at our SunFish HRIS (for enterprise) or our GreatDay HRIS (for SMEs), you know that you are getting all the features you will require in a fully integrated package at a great price.  But even more important, you will not be left alone after you purchase these products.  We at SunFish DataOn Philippines become your partner and work with you to see you and your business succeed.

Many of our clients come to us with failed home grown software, that has been either developed in house or by a third party. We also have many join our family after trying and finding out that the small companies out their that call their programs a HRIS only have very basic and linited options that do not meet the companies requirements. Before you go down this road, talk to us and save the pain and the costs of a failed system!

Look here for more info into our cost effective and proven systems: SunFish HRIS For Enterprise Clients and GreatDay HRIS For SMEs.

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