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What comes into mind when the month of February comes? Feb-ibig? Season of love? Cupid? Dating? Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Husband and Wife? Family and friends? Self-care? All these familiar terms come down to one common resounding theme – love.

Talking about love can be philosophical and as most would say, deep. What we know though is that the subject of love need not be boxed into romantic or familial relationships. This can also be applied to our professional lives most especially in terms of nurturing team spirit, morale, and care among our colleagues in the workplace.

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As we continue to celebrate the season of love this February, here are simple ways organizations can explore and live by to promote love and care among your teams and stakeholders:

1. An Attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude means making it a conscious habit to express thankfulness and appreciation for every part of your personal and professional lives.  Having an attitude of gratitude means you operate from a place of abundance, rather than scarcity.

In the workplace setting, employing an attitude of gratitude can go a long way. Saying thank you to your colleagues for simple things they do such as opening the door for you, helping you complete a report, or even as candidly lending you a pen, makes your teammates feel valued and appreciated.

If you want to be on the more creative side, you can also express gratitude by coming up with a physical token of appreciation such as thank you cards or sticky notes you can leave on their desks.

Remember this however – authenticity is key when expressing gratitude. The positive emotions felt when receiving thanks are clear. More importantly, giving and receiving gratitude has been shown to boost mental and physical health. Expressing gratitude at work improves relationships, leads to reciprocity, and boosts self-esteem.

2. Lending a Helping Hand

Getting along with colleagues at work is important for inspiring teamwork and creating a healthy work environment. Being able to provide support to others at work is one way to build relationships with your colleagues and being a valuable team member at the same time.

This is especially relevant in the present considering the prevalence of the hybrid work arrangement. During days when you and you colleagues are not physically present in the office, it is much more important that you extend a helping hand at opportune moments.

Not only does this not make them feel alone or left out, but more importantly, this facilitates camaraderie and increased involvement among team members.

Notwithstanding, modern technology can greatly assist teams in lending helping hands more efficiently. GreatDay HR has a Task and Feedback feature which allows your employees to be more streamlined in their day-to-day activities. This also allows more effective monitoring which translates to an even more impactful way of providing help within the team.

This feature also improves the sense of accountability in the team and boosts productivity with its ability to give employees the chance to provide feedback.

Pro-tip: When you get your colleagues to support each other and work as a team, they are often able to work more productively.

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3. Saying and Giving Kudos

There is an old but reliable adage that says to give credit where credit is due, and this is essentially what saying and giving kudos is all about. Acknowledging your colleagues’ good practices make them feel loved and valued which in turn boosts their morale translating to overall increased productivity.

At GreatDay HR, we enable companies and businesses to create and promote a culture of appreciation and recognition, which in turn boosts their morale and productivity. Our Internal Social Media feature does just that. It allows every employee to post within the company feed about their sentiments, food for thought, and yes you guessed it right – sharing kudos!

In every post that you come up with, you have the ability to include an image to creatively express that kudos and in turn, your colleagues can also react and comment on your post to share that spirit of giving recognition.

Remember this: your organization and business are made of highly remarkable people. They would not be there if they weren’t. Make sure they know it.

4. Keeping a Light Mood

It cannot be denied that we have had our fair share of stressful moments in the workplace. There are just certain days when Murphy’s Law decides to go rampant and could put several of your colleagues in an uncomforting mood.

However, when the time is right and you strike a playful remark at the right time, you can suddenly turn someone’s day around as if it’s simple magic.

There are several intangible benefits that keeping a light mood full of positive emotions can provide. This is usually correlated with better health and stress management, enhanced interpersonal relationships and creativity, as well as being a catalyst to greater job satisfaction.

If you’re not the type of person who likes to share jokes, then a simple how are you can go a long way.

At GreatDay HR, we can contribute to doing this for you. We have our highly touted Company Mood feature which allows managers to get a pulse of how their employees are feeling depending on the frequency that they prefer. This allows decision makers to come up with more relevant programs within the organization that promote positive emotions. Equally important especially in the Philippines, this feature makes your company compliant of the Labor Department’s requirement of setting up programs or initiatives relating to employee wellness and mental health. A win-win!

Another sought out feature of GreatDay HR is the Company Survey component. You may use this feature to come up with polls about employee engagement programs. Such programs help employees acclimatize better within the company culture and at the same time gives everyone a dose of fun!

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5. Paying it Forward

And of course, at the end of the day, we should keep in mind that our companies and organizations exist for a greater purpose bigger than our own aspirations. We strive to be better not only because we want to grow and be more profitable, but we also want to improve the lives of our partners through exceptional service.

This is what it means to pay it forward. By doing so, you practice credibility and accountability by considering others’ needs. This carries over into everything you do. You feel better about yourself and your organization because you are trying to make everyone’s lives better through the efforts you give, no matter how big or small.

Here at GreatDay HR, we aspire to provide the greatest impact for our customers that can in turn trickle down to their entire organization. Our core values of Trust, Partnerships, Innovation, Excellence, and Integrity bind us not only internally but more importantly, with our valued partners and goals.

Final Thoughts

It is indeed true that showing and expressing love can be done in a multitude of ways. As what we have highlighted earlier, it does not always have to be romantic nor familial. It can be all about the everyday – what you do, say, and show others whom you may or may not know.

In this month of Feb-ibig, beating hearts, season of love, or whatever you may want to call it, GreatDay HR wishes you nothing but peace, respect, and appreciation in everything. Just remember that we are here to help you #DoSomethingGreat every day.

Happy Love Month to us all! May this season of love bring you endless comfort. ?

For more info, you may leave your details here or send us an email at info@greatdayhr.ph. Follow our social media pages @GreatDayHRPH to stay updated.

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