HRIS and Payroll Software 101: Cloud Storage

Cloud storage

“The Cloud” is a term commonly heard and used in the tech industry. Cloud technology means operating through the means of the Internet. This includes computations, information storage, network creation,  and native file backup. The Cloud is used by various programs and software, such as a human resource information system (HRIS). Before, HRIS utilized hardware components to perform its functions. The latest HRIS software, however, uses the Cloud for efficiency and to optimize human resource operations. 

That is why, one of the best HRIS and payroll software in the Philippines, GreatDay Professional, operates on the cloud. Read on to know why the platform chose to do so. 

Debunking misconceptions of the cloud

There is a need to clear out misconceptions about cloud-based HRIS software before explaining its benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. A cloud-based software is easier to hack. 

There is a notion that anything stored on the Internet is accessible to everyone. Some believed this to be true for whatever software. This is not the case. 

Software providers, particularly cloud-based software, ensure to implement strict data protection and privacy measures in their software. They also adhere to data privacy laws. When looking for a cloud-based HRIS software, make sure to check its data compliance laws and privacy measures. 

  1.  Cloud-based software is good for companies with over 50 employees

This is another typical belief that companies usually have. They need to have over 50 employees to fully utilize the benefits of HRIS software. While it does make employee management, payroll processing, and attendance checking of a large employee count easier, small companies like micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) still benefit greatly from it. 

Using HRIS software while the company continues to grow is beneficial as it helps the company to integrate technology into its HR processes early on. This allows the workforce to be experts on the software and treat it as a process embedded in their daily functions. They can also help out new employees with how to use the software. To add, the employees can provide points of improvement on the software to the HR department. 

  1. Cloud-based software requires specific tech expertise

Companies who still use manual processes believe any kind of software requires tech expertise. While it does require basic computer skills and an understanding of how the internet works, software providers ensure their products are easy to understand and implement. This holds true for HRIS software as well. HRIS software providers like GreatDay Pro created a user-friendly employee dashboard, along with an easy-to-use interface and accessible platform to help employees navigate and use it through computer or mobile phone. 

  1. Cloud-based software is premium and expensive

Full-suite HRIS and payroll software might sound expensive because of how it has integrated various HR functions. Not only that, they believe that it requires more bandwidth and internet data to store and process data through cloud-based software. However, having the hardware to manually store these data is actually more expensive. That also requires constant maintenance and repairs.  

There is HRIS software available that won’t break the company’s budget. GreatDay offers companies with options that have or do not have implementation costs that businesses of any size can use. 

Cloud-based HRIS software also provides a free trial for those interested in the platform. 

Other HRIS myths and the facts that answer them are also available for reading. Make sure to read it to get a grasp on how HRIS and payroll software works.

Cloud-based HRIS software might be intimidating to starters, but it does not have to be. Manual HRIS is a thing of the past and here are reasons why a company should switch to cloud-based HRIS software. 

Advantages of cloud-based HRIS software

  1. Improved employee data access

Cloud-based HRIS software enables employees to access their data wherever and whenever. GreatDay Pro, for instance, can be accessed via the computer or mobile. Not only that, employees can do various tasks on the HRIS on their platform of choice. These include:

  • Taking their attendance and recording their tasks
  • Filing their leaves and claims
  • Setting meetings with colleagues and their managers, and
  • Updating employee information

  1. Affordable solution than offline HRIS 

As mentioned previously, a cloud-based HRIS saves the company money. HRIS that relies on hardware requires the following to run properly:

  • A temperature-regulated room where the hardware will be placed,
  • A separate team to monitor and do manual updates and repairs to the devices, and
  • Constant repair and maintenance to avoid potential data loss. 

Cloud-based HRIS software relies on none of these things. Take GreatDay Pro, for instance. The software can be accessed on any platform it has been downloaded to. This makes it accessible for both the management and the employees to collaborate and continue to efficiently work as one company. It also auto-updates so the HR department does not have to dedicate time to updating the software. This enables the department to focus on the other tasks necessary for company growth and development. In addition, the software provider has accessible online customer support for questions or concerns. The company no longer has to wait for the provider’s tech team to manually address the concerns. 

  1. IT support 

The HRIS provider continues to provide support to the company for their questions or concerns regarding the software. GreatDay Pro, for instance, has a 24/7 accessible team that the company can talk to via email, phone, or chat. The provider creates an online chat group so the support team can assist the company with its issues. 

  1. Best for hybrid work setup

A cloud-based HRIS software enables on-site and online employees to collaborate and function as teams. It provides them with the space to communicate and work together to get the job done. Another plus is that the software also makes management accessible to the workforce by allowing them to easily schedule meetings with them. 

Cloud-based HRIS software is the first step toward remote HR and employee management. Among the myths about it are the benefits the company can actually gain from using one. With GreatDay Pro, the company can get tailor-fit solutions designed with the Filipino business landscape in mind, and all the benefits a cloud-based HRIS software provides at a minimal cost. Contact us for a demo and cost quotation today.

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