Human Resources Tips: 5 Ways to Increase SME Productivity

Tips how to increase productivity in the workplace and business setting

Studies show that 99.6 percent of businesses in the Philippines belong to the small and medium-enterprises (SMEs) category. More importantly, 70 percent of our existing human resources belong to that category with data showing an increasing trend in these numbers. This could be attributed to budding enterprises and startups that started operating as the impact caused by COVID-19 motivated Filipinos to find other sources of income. (READ: Moving forward with HRIS in 2021)

For these businesses, tenacity and effective execution of everyday operations are essential to stay in the market and to set themselves apart from persevering competitors. Hence, human resource productivity and improved employee management should be one of the priorities in the workplace for SMEs and any other enterprise for that matter, to reach their short-term and long-term goals faster and to always be on top of their game amidst adversity. Here are 5 ways that every professional, may you be an employee or business owner, should take into heart to increase productivity in the workplace.

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Employee making to-do lists to strategize

Strategize Efficiently

Good businesses devote tons of time and effort in coming up with efficient strategies that they can apply in their day-to-day operations. Although it might take some trial and error to achieve the most optimum strategy, it is better than leaving anything to chance. For employee-specific strategies, encourage them to try making short-term and long-term to-do lists. These can help employees compartmentalize and prioritize what they need to accomplish. This also allows decision-makers to monitor the progress of their team members and make necessary adjustments.

BONUS TIP: When strategizing, try doing the S.M.A.R.T approach. Coming up with specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timebound strategies can help you have a solid baseline from the start.

SMEs teammates cooperating and showing team work

Collaborate with your Team

What’s gonna work? Teamwork! Teamwork always works. SMEs or any kind of enterprise in whatever industry thrives in cooperation. Do not be afraid to ask questions and learn best practices from your team.

For decision-makers, always encourage your team to come forward with questions. Let them know how open you are to suggestions and that you appreciate initiative. For employees, remember that there is nothing wrong in asking questions. As a matter of fact, your team can learn from them.

HRIS function of delegating tasks to human resources to be more productive

Delegate Human Resources

Setting up a solid foundation and management culture especially for SMEs is paramount. One such important building block would be proper delegation and trust among your teammates. It is completely understandable that some SMEs may have smaller margins of error and mishaps compared to bigger corporations. Such risk may limit their tolerance in terms of delegating tasks to their employees.

However, proper contingency planning, hiring the right teammate, and proper orientation and guidance of new recruits in the beginning of their journey with the company can dampen this risk.

Allow your team to gain experience and learn new skills. Mistakes and slower-than-usual progress may manifest at first but seeing your employees grow and be more competent every day can pay your business bigger dividends down the road.

SMEs increased productivity due to employee focus

Focus on Tasks at Hand

With today’s prevalence of gadgets where people consume endless amounts of content through social media, vlogs, live streams, and much more, it is easy to lose focus in doing tasks at hand.

This may result in decreased output and overall lowered productivity. To stay productive, delete unnecessary mobile applications or turn on your gadget’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature during work hours. Decision-makers may also encourage their employees to practice self-awareness so that if they find themselves distracted, they can take a proactive approach in preventing it in the future.

SMEs thrive in a fast-paced environment. Minimize distractions and unnecessary diversions but always remember to balance everything out.

GreatDayHR HRIS platform automates employee management for SMEs

Automate Employee Management

With SMEs moving at a faster pace than ever each day, ensuring proper allocation of time, manpower, and resources is necessary. One way that decision-makers can guarantee this is to automate as many tasks as possible.

Common human resource processes such as employee attendance and payroll management are still done manually. This is normal for SMEs since most owners want to allocate their budget to other priorities. However, what if an affordable solution to manage your human resource activities automatically and conveniently is available?

Take GreatDayHR PH’s GreatDay Pro HRIS platform for instance. With a mobile app and webpage iterations made available, SMEs are given an inexpensive opportunity to have a fully-featured Human Resource Information System (HRIS) while enjoying all the benefits of an intuitive system. (READ: Myths vs. Facts – HRIS Edition)

Automating such tasks by investing in HRIS software that works for you like GreatDayHR allows enterprises to devote more time and effort to more complex tasks. For only Php 60 per employee per month, human resources management has never been easier and affordable. Learn more about the platform’s features here and visit our social media pages @greatdayhrph.

With GreatDayHR, #DoSomethingGreat every day!

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