Myths vs Facts: HRIS Edition

Myths vs. Facts: HRIS Edition

In this age of “fake news” and information overload, let us help you by narrowing it down and focusing on common myths and stating the actual facts on why shifting to HRIS is the best move you can do for your organization, and why the best time is now.

Myth: Manual is always better.

Fact: Automating a.k.a. shifting to HRIS, presents better and more opportunities too!

“It’s Better Manual” (pun for IBM who is an IT industry/innovation leader) has been a common rebuttal vs. automation and digitalization.  Yet then until now, automation and digitalization continue to prove to be better and do more, opening up doors to countless opportunities for teams and organizations.  We also often hear, “it’s not broken so why fix it?”  But also, why wait for things to break, when you can always take action before they do?  Finding the right HRIS can help you prevent things from “breaking”, and at the same time keep your company growing and moving forward.  Now, isn’t that much better?

Myth: Shifting to HRIS will create additional and complicated work.

Fact: Having the right HRIS will lead to more efficient and effective processes.

Shifting to the right HRIS will actually integrate a lot of existing processes, eliminate unnecessary ones, and in fact yield even more useful output that can help not only at a process level but even more important, strategically.  Work smart vs. work hard.  The right HRIS will help you work smart-er and reward your hard work too.

Myth: Automation will cost a lot.

Fact: Investing in the right HRIS is always a good move with its long-term benefits.

Investing in the right HRIS is investing in your company’s most valuable asset – your people; with all the tangible and intrinsic benefits.  What seems as an expense on the surface will actually translate to time savings and less stress, yielding better results therefore outweighing any cost – which is what an investment means.  And more good news!  GreatDayHR is actually priced very competitively with no implementation fee!

Myth: We will just write our own HRIS in-house.

Fact: GreatDayHR is readily available and continuously updated so you can focus on your core businesses.

Partnering with a HRIS provider who is an industry expert and leader – GreatDayHR that is, will allow you to maximize your existing resources more for your core businesses and deliverables.  We help you save on cost and time: building an in-house HRIS, while doable, is expensive and tedious long-term – from hiring, to maintaining, to keeping up to date, etc. – the works.  The right HRIS provider can make it all worry-free for you.  We focus on what you need so you can focus on your employees and your Company.

Myth: Any automated system is complicated to use.

Fact: GreatDayHR is very user-friendly and straightforward – and our ever-reliable team of knowledgeable experts will help you!

GreatDayHR prides itself for its very user-friendly system without compromising the effectiveness of all its powerful functions.  It is configurable and easy to use with your existing HR processes that companies already have in place. We even provide contactless Bio Metrics or you can use your existing systems.

Myth: Automated systems are prone to tampering.

Fact: GreatDayHR is certified by international data security standards.

GreatDayHR’s internationally certified data security standards inclusive of fail-safe parameters embedded in our modules, combined with your Company’s well-implemented policies, will ensure that users are forewarned and prevented from providing false and incorrect data, preserving the integrity and credibility of both the system and your company policies.  Your data is stored in our own Tier 3 data centers and is fully encrypted.

A paradigm shift and debunking these myths once and for all may finally be the transformational change your company needs.  Understandably, keeping it manual may misleadingly project a semblance of stability and steadiness.  It is a comfort zone for most – the usual, the ordinary.  But time and again, all great things started from leaving one’s comfort zone and embracing what’s up and coming. 

Let’s talk and find out more why GreatDayHR may just be what you need to take that leap –from just easy to more efficient, from stable to sustainable, from ordinary to outstanding!

Send us an e-mail at, we’re here to help you.  Now, that’s a fact!

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