PhilHealth Contribution Rates for 2024

At GreatDay HR, we aim to provide you with comprehensive insights into the revised PhilHealth contribution rates for 2024. This update is crucial for both employers and employees to understand, ensuring compliance and informed decision-making.

Overview of PhilHealth Contribution Adjustment

In line with government regulations, PhilHealth has implemented adjustments in contribution rates for 2024. These changes impact both the employed and self-employed sectors, requiring attention and understanding from all parties involved.

Breakdown of Contribution Rates

Employed Sector

For employed individuals, the PhilHealth contribution rate is calculated based on monthly salary brackets. The table below outlines the revised contribution rates for 2024:

Monthly Salary (PHP)PhilHealth Contribution Rate
Below 10,0003.00%
10,000 – 69,9993.50%
70,000 and above5.00%

Self-Employed and Voluntary Members

Self-employed individuals and voluntary members are also subject to adjusted contribution rates. The table below illustrates these changes:

Monthly Income (PHP)PhilHealth Contribution Rate
Below 25,0003.00%
25,000 and above5.00%

Impact on Employers and Employees

Understanding the implications of these revised rates is essential for both employers and employees.


Employers must ensure compliance with the updated contribution rates to avoid penalties and legal consequences. Accurate payroll adjustments should be made to reflect the new rates, thereby fulfilling their obligations to their employees and PhilHealth.


Employees should be informed about the changes in PhilHealth contribution rates to manage their finances effectively. It’s essential to note that these adjustments may affect take-home pay, necessitating careful budgeting and financial planning.

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Importance of Compliance

Compliance with PhilHealth contribution requirements is not only a legal obligation but also ensures access to essential healthcare services for all members. By fulfilling their contribution responsibilities, individuals contribute to the sustainability of the national health insurance program, benefiting themselves and the broader community.

In conclusion, the revised PhilHealth contribution rates for 2024 demand attention and understanding from all stakeholders. Employers and employees alike must familiarize themselves with the adjusted rates to ensure compliance and informed decision-making. By adhering to these regulations, we contribute to the stability and effectiveness of the Philippine healthcare system.

Stay informed, stay compliant, and prioritize your health and well-being. For further assistance or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at GreatDay HR

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