The Best Time for Change Management is Now

This global crisis has caught everyone off guard.  Maybe some more than others.  But it was a great equalizer of sorts in that it thrust everyone, individuals and organizations, into the same boat: dealing with change. We at SunFish DataOn Philippines can help!


What is Change Management?

Simply defined, Change Management is the process that assists an organization to deal with change efficiently and effectively.  It enables a smooth and successful transition from one state to another – whether it is change related to people, workflows, technology, or values and culture as a whole.

There are various effective models on Change Management that successful companies have employed over the years, according to what would best fit an organization’s dynamics.  A common theme across these models would be that every successful change process involves Preparation, Implementation, and Evaluation.  It is a continuous and on-going cycle.

For obvious reasons, the changes ushered in this year did not immediately allow the luxury of going through these general stages of a change process.  Organizations had to step up real fast.  Even those with existing Change Management teams as part of their current structure had to cope big time given the still unpredictable and ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Change Management in the New Normal

But as in life, time helps.  By now, as with all other past challenges our organizations may have faced – regardless how unprecedented this current one may be – we have picked up a few things here and there and learned along the way.  As with any problem, challenge or hurdle – there is a solution; there is always a new way.

As we’ve said earlier, general phases in Change Management involve Preparation, Implementation, and Evaluation.  What and Why, How, and What Next.  These are key questions one can start with to learn from the past months and move forward more prepared. 

Part of preparation is defining what our vision – our desired end state is, thus the need to go through change.  What is the change we need at this time and wish to see?  Why is this change important?  How is it relevant to every member of the organization and how do we implement with their buy-in?  What would happen moving forward and how can we continuously improve to cope with these times and beyond?  These and more are key questions to ushering effective change.

Our reality is that a lot of changes already happened the past months; unfortunately for most, without the full benefits of a well implemented process; or at least, not yet.  Now is a perfect time to revisit the year that almost was, see what needs to be amended, where we need to catch up, and how we can better move forward – this time, through a Change Management process that best fits your organizational dynamics.

GreatDayHR: Your Change Management Partner

Talking about Change, Spencer Johnson’s book “Who Moved My Cheese” shares a “very simple yet profound” insight to Change at any season.  In a nutshell, it illustrates four characters’ different ways of dealing with change: being open to it (Sniff), taking action (Scurry), learning from it and finally embracing it and moving forward (Haw), or stubbornly just resisting it altogether (Hem).  (It is a quick read, you may want to take hold of a copy and it may just be the push your team needs to take the current and upcoming changes positively).  Who do we identify with? More importantly, where do we want to be?

We at GreatDayHR can help you.  Our system has all the basic needs that can help you implement an effective Change Management to better equip you for the coming year, and more. When you implement GreatDay HRIS, you can update all those outdated policies. Aside from that, our product experts and reliable staff can sit down with you to help discuss and evaluate what your organization needs most at this time, and see how our already robust products developed since 1999, can work to both your business advantage and your employees’ total well-being. 

We do not only offer to provide you the tools – but we’ll walk with you every step of the way to help you appreciate why you need these tools, what these tools can do for you, and how you can best use these tools.

As Haw would say: “Sometimes, Hem, things change and they are never the same again.  This looks like one of those times.  That’s life!  Life moves on.  And so should we.”

Great days are ahead.  Cheer up and allow us to help you!

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